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Happy Friday, everyone!!  Our psychic party was so much fun last weekend that I invited Zanna to come back not just for today, but for the next five Fridays to answer your YES/NO questions using the Tarot cards.

And, with any party, you wanna have party favors sooo...

Not only will Zanna be answering questions from posters, but each week, one poster will be randomly chosen to receive a PDF copy of my novella WAYWARD SOUL and a set of their very own Tarot cards!!

As an added bonus - the person who leaves the most comments over the next 5 Friday's will receive a copy of Sylvia Browne's CONTACTING YOUR SPIRIT GUIDE and, of course, a PDF copy of my book!
So, come by, join the party, and get some insight into the unknown:)))

I'll turn the floor over to Miss Zanna now.

Thank you, Kim. I'm so happy to be back. I'd like to give you all a positive message. Our card today is Strength.
Courage and fortitude nicely sums up the meaning of the Strength card. Determination may be needed to achieve the desired outcome.  Drawing the Strength card symbolizes that obstacles can be overcome if you are willing to work hard and allow nothing to keep you from your goal.  After all, how much did the beautiful maiden have to overcome in order to stroke the head of a ferocious lion. The symbol of infinity above the woman's head signifies that there are endless possibilities in life.  Take a few moments and reflect on this card, allow the card to speak to you and see what insights you get for your own life.  

Very powerful message. I hope it lifts your spirits and gives you the motivation to reach for the stars!


Disclaimer: This service is for entertainment purposes only.

My fellow Astraea Press author, Kay Springsteen, is a truly classy lady.  She's doing a remarkable thing for an amazing organization and the rest of us at Astraea Press want to support her in any way we can so we're helping her spread the word. 

Kay's message:

Heartsight and the USO Wounded Warriors Program

“The USO recognizes the sacrifices the troops and their families make for this country, and it is more important than ever that they are remembered and supported. The USO offers a variety of programs and services to support the morale, welfare, social and entertainment needs of troops and their families, free of charge.” ~USO website

In honor of the USMC hero of Heartsight, purchases made through the Astraea Press website,, from March 1 through June 1, 2011, will generate a $1 per copy donation to the USO Wounded Warriors Program.

Learn more about the USO here:

Enjoy a copy of Heartsight and contribute to the welfare of the troops who keep us safe.

Spread the word! Let’s make this the worst-kept military secret in history!

Many thanks to the folks at Astraea Press for their support of this donation. And thank you in advance to my readers for your donation to this great cause.


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Hoyle Card Games are Essential Writing Tools

Do I have your attention? Thought I might. Believe me, you don’t want to miss this.  Hop on over to The Book Boost and find out what the heck this crazy writer is talking aboutJ

As an added incentive, one lucky person who post a comment on TheBook Boost Blog will be randomly drawn to win a PDF copy of my book Wayward Soul and a hard back copy of Sylvia Browne’s Contacting Your Spirit Guide.
I hope you’ll stop by and keep me company!

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Please Welcome Author Kristine Cheney!

Please help me welcome author Kristine Cheney to my blog! The day she's been nervously biting her nails waiting for is here. 

The Release of Spartan Heart
(insert Kim and Kristine happy dancing here)

Kristine, I'm so happy for you, and I'm so glad you stopped by to share your amazing news, and book, with us.  First off, can you tell us what your book is about?

Sent away to college in America, Evangeline swore she would never return to England. Anger loses its value when tragedy forces her home to assume ownership of the family's beloved Greco-Roman museum.
Placing a foolish, drunken kiss on a Greek statue in the museum's basement, Evangeline unknowingly frees a Spartan prince from an evil oracle's curse. Suddenly, her lonely life is invaded by the rakish man with knowing emerald green eyes who never eats or sleeps, and seems to know her every thought and feeling.
Falling in love is dangerous, especially when it's with a man who has already been claimed by the bitter oracle, Demona. From the moment of her kiss, Evangeline is swept into Dorien's world of mystery, danger, and passion. The oracle's fury only mounts as they unravel Demona's darkest secrets, but not before Demona finds out about their unborn half-breed immortal twins.
Demona uses her knowledge of the future to manipulate and destroy, but sometimes love has a will, and a heart, of its own.

WOW! Sounds like an amazing story:)  How were you inspired with the idea for your book?

I was having a melancholy day, and my sister Amanda was trying her best to encourage me. She asked, “You know, a long time ago you used to write. How come you never write anymore? Whatever happened to that girl?” Her words hit me; hard. I was inspired right then, I had to write. I decided I was going to write a book. A lifetime lover of archaeology and Greek mythology, the idea sparked in an instant. I began writing on my computer and the story came so quick. Like a life of its own, it just came into being. It only took three months to write Spartan Heart.

THREE MONTHS! I'm so jealous, you have no idea (me giving Kristine the "evil eye" via the Internet). Do you have a special writing routine or inspiration besides your love of archaeology and Greek mythology that helped you write your story so quickly?

My writing routine: I love candles. I like to light a bunch of candles before I sit to write. They're relaxing, ambient, romantic, and the scent fills all of my senses. (Partylite candles are my favorite because they smell so good!)

You must be lighting LOTS of purple candles. They're the candles of creativity:)

My inspiration: I decorated a “writing room” which is now my favorite room in the house. It's filled with my candle holders and the décor is feminine and inspiring. I don’t listen to music when I write because I find it distracting, but if I hear a song in the car, it can inspire lots of fabulous ideas. My true muse is water. Rain. The sounds of a storm. The waves of the ocean. A babbling brook or stream…and yes, even the shower, lol! *blushes* Being an Arizona native, we have to take water whenever we can get it. Needless to say, a lot of my ideas have been inspired while in the shower!

LOL! Can you tell us a random fact about your story.

I chose my daughter Taryn’s name for Evangeline’s best friend. Also, when creating my story, I used Spartan historic facts and blended them with fiction (which was so much fun!).

That does sound like fun. Can you tell us a random fact about you.

I became a grandmother at the age of 36. (I now have three grandbabies!)

I had my first baby at 36! (to be fair, I had been a step mom to 3 wonderful kids for 9 years already).
What's your favorite line in your story?

Taryn was a woman possessed, making a bee-line towards the dance floor. Sipping her golden suds, Evangeline laughed and fought the temptation to fetch a priest. Taryn was a delicious sight of jiggle and bounce. Looking Heavenward, Evangeline caught herself praying. Only the assistance of divine intervention would help that poor red tube top last the night.

Great line! What are you woring on right now?

 I'm currently editing Part II of Spartan Heart, which is scheduled to be released on March 8th. I'm also writing Spartan Surrender, which is the next book in the Spartan Heart Saga. This story encompasses the romance of Spartan warrior Thessalus and Taryn, both of whom were introduced and featured in Spartan Heart. When I finished Spartan Heart, I had skipped Spartan Surrender and wrote the third story called Spartan Proposal, which tells the story of Celeas and Meghan. Their story was so running rampant in my thoughts, so I had to write that one first. After completion, it was evident I needed to give Thessalus and Taryn their moment of glory. So here I am, weaving their tale.

Sounds wonderful. I can't wait! What's something a reader might not expect about you?

Lets, see. I have five sisters. I have three grandchildren at the age of 39, and I've been married 21 years. I'm left handed (but I cut and bowl with my right hand!). I'm sensitive and cry at movies and even commercials. I also make funny faces when I write because I get so caught up in my story. I have actually caught myself doing it. I must be an awful sight to whoever watches! How embarrassing!

Funny faces. A woman after my own heart. Which leads to my next quesiton.
Who is your favorite Muppet?

That's a hard one. I just love those two old hecklers! I totally get their sense of forked humor. But if I had to choose one Muppet, without a doubt, it would be Fozzie Bear. He is lovable, so cuddable, and is an organizer. He tries so hard to be funny and is able to laugh at himself when he is at the expense of his (and everyone else’s) jokes. Above all, he is a loyal friend; the one every one relies on. He brings order out of chaos. (As the eldest of my sisters, he kind of reminds me of myself) "Wocka Wocka Wocka".

(chuckle) You're so funny! What's your favorite movie?

I love The Notebook. Never has a story ever been so finely woven or expressed that has touched my heart so intimately. My other favorite movies are Practical Magic (I can relate to Sally, who is always the strong, resourceful, and reliable one), and Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. My favorite childhood movie is Xanadu (I love that Greek inspired story).

You did not just say Xanadu!! I may have to give you a paper cut! Just kidding (kinda) What are your goals for this next year?

My goal is to continue to grow with Astraea Press. I have a bunch of book ideas for the Spartan Heart Saga and also for a few single titles that I'm anxious to crank out.

So basically your goal is to have your nose pressed to the computer 24/7. A woman after my own heart. I knew I liked you. What do you love most about Astraea Press?

When I wrote Spartan Heart, I was troubled by the pressure to write graphic love scenes in my books. For me, I felt to include the graphic references went against my faith and my conscience. At the pressure, I would write them in and take them out, then re-write them in and re-take them out. It was eating at me, literally. It began to sap away at my joy of writing. I wanted to have the freedom of creating an intimate love scene that was realistic, yet something I felt most women would be comfortable with reading because they would be able to relate in some way. I'm grateful Astraea Press has taken away this pressure and am so grateful they allow me to do what I truly love…just write.

Amen! I'm so glad you stopped by! This sounds like an amazing story and I can't wait to get my hands on it!! I would love to get a taste of it! I hope you brought us an excerpt (hint hint).

Dorien analyzed the woman’s thoughts. The amplified effects of intoxication took him by surprise. Intense emotions of loss and pain were fresh and vivid, almost to the point of being unbearable. He filtered through her memories. Her life flashed before him like a picture show. The girl was too easy to read. Her feelings were raw and grated. It was obvious she had suffered recent loss. Her parents. The woman carried enough guilt for a legion of men. Searching harder, Dorien found the source of what he was looking for: An argument. A forced decision. Separation. Anger. Unexpected loss. Overwhelming regret. With better understanding, he withdrew from her mind.
            But he couldn’t stop staring at her. The woman before him was not only beautiful…she was stunning. Dorien tried to think of a better word. Nothing was adequate. Sizing her up, he admired her medium height and healthy stature. She had the face and body of a goddess. Almond shaped eyes were the color of fiery copper. Weary and sad, they were shadowed by the blow of loss. Where had he seen their rare color before? Disregarding the question, he didn’t care to place it. He was too immersed in her.
            Her perfect small pert nose held him captive. Juicy bee-stung lips made him think of long demanding kisses. Her face was young and delicate. Long blonde hair hung to the middle of her back, thick with curls. What would it feel like to run his fingers through the length of its silky softness? The color was so rich, a lustrous shade of blonde. It reminded him of the goldest wheat ready to be threshed. Her large round breasts were full and perked, their ripe curves teased from the neckline of her dress. The valley between them wasn’t much. Amply pushed together, they promised to overflow from the bounty of his hands. Her hips were strong, begging for breeding. Something his culture had always put such faith in. With a wicked sigh, he acknowledged it would take hours to love her proper.
Dorien groaned. Never had a woman looked so delicious in a little white dress. It made his imagination run wild. Thin wispy straps rested on soft bare shoulders, holding the sheer fabric to her body. He desired to lift that garment high and cup her buttocks. What would it feel like to glide his fingertips over the expanse of her velvet-like flesh? How would this beauty look lying in his arms? The explicit scenario only ravaged his mind. He groaned to himself in tortured agony.
            Why was he thinking like this? Logic only spoke truth. If he were smart, he would stop all of this madness and force away these cruel visions. Yet, here he was, aching from the relentless contractions of tense chorded muscles. He was well aware of his reaction to her presence. His current predicament was sobering. It helped him wrestle his body under control. Here, passionate thoughts were pointless. Unsated lust was destined to be his only partner.

Thank you so much, Kristine. This has been so much fun. I'm so happy for you. I hope you'll all leave her well wishes and come back throught the day to read more excerpts from Spartan Heart. I know I will.  Or...if you can't wait to read more, hop on over and pick up your copy at one of these links.

Available soon at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

Kristine has generously offered to give away one PDF copy of Spartan Heart to a lucky poster!!

Stick around and enjoy the party! Congrats again, Kristine:)


Ok, I've made you wait long enough!!

Here's another excerpt from Spartan Heart:

The heavy mahogany door opened without a sound. Dorien stood in awe, surprised at the sight of such elegant décor. Even as a prince of Sparta, his people were modest and simple. They didn’t allow for such luxuries. Every room in this house was more decadent than any palace court.
Carnal thoughts were forced aside. He admired the massive, old world four-poster bed. Its violet and gold jewel-colored covering was regal. Large over-stuffed pillows were inviting. Majestic nightstands stood on both sides of the bed. A velvet, gold, chaise lounge beckoned at the foot. Colorful tapestries and paintings graced every wall. He appreciated the triple dresser and boisterous armoire. Spotting the huge stone fireplace, its presence enhanced the room. The warmth of a fire would fill this chamber with a tranquil, seductive ambience.
Dorien froze and gasped out loud. Sight of his reflection was caught in the mirror. Gazing upon the cast of a stranger, how many years had it been since he last looked upon his own face? He shook his head. The only thing pressing him this moment was Evangeline’s comfort. Laying her on the mattress, Dorien flinched. His chest felt the impact of a physical blow.
Her lips were blue!
Wet from head to toe, Evangeline’s tender flesh was covered in goose bumps. Honey-wheat strands of saturated hair stuck to her face and shoulders. Her teeth chattered hard, almost enough to break. Her body shook in a responsive effort to warm itself. Dorien had been a fool! How had he not noticed? He should have paid close attention to her mortal needs!
In a flash, he reached the fireplace. Thick logs of timber were tossed, thudding against the back of the hearth. He needed to hurry; a fire would help ward off her chill.
Evangeline stirred. Dorien’s attention flew back towards the bed. Her head rolled back and forth. He sensed confusion and fear in her thoughts. Her fingers reached for him blind. The helpless sound of Evangeline’s cries penetrated his soul. She was well aware she wasn’t alone.
“D-d-don’t leave me, p-p-please! H-h-help me!”
Dorien rushed to her side and fell to his knees. He rubbed his hands up and down the length of her velvety arms. “Quiet, Evan. I am here and will not leave you. Let me start a fire, love. I promise not to leave you. I shall come right back.”
Evangeline’s eyes were large and vacant; she was bewildered. She stared into his face. Reading her thoughts, she was fighting to place him.
“W-w-who are you?” The fear in her voice was evident. Its tremble wasn’t from chill.
“My name is Dorien. I am here to help you and will not harm you. Will you trust me?”
She nodded profusely, pulling tight fists over her chest. It was a weak attempt to find warmth. Dorien rose to his feet. He was slammed by the impact of her panic the moment he tried to leave her side. Evangeline clawed at him in desperation. Her gasps came in forced ragged breaths.
“No! P-p-lease help me. I’m s-so c-c-cold.”
Lost in her shivers, she struggled to remain conscious. He winced at the sight of saturated clothes. They clung against every curve of her beautiful body. He hadn’t broken a sweat through the passage, but the cold, damp air soaked her clothes, chilling her to her bones. Life as a soldier had taught him well. If he didn’t light a fire or remove the garments, she could fall sick or worse. Disappointment in his negligence ran deep.
How had he been so careless?
He decided again to get up, but Evangeline refused to let him leave her side.  There was only one other thing he could do. Gritting his teeth, he untied the flimsy shoulder straps of her drenched white sundress. It was torture freeing fragile pearl buttons snuggled between her breasts.
Fire was igniting all right, but it was in all the wrong places. His fingers brushed her pale tender skin with every shivered breath. He leaned her body against his chest. Pulling the dress over her head, he threw it across the room like a venomous creature. Dorien laid her back against the mattress. He didn’t deny himself the opportunity to gaze upon her. His stomach tightened. The curves of her body beckoned for his touch. He couldn’t tear his gaze from the delicious sight of violet lace panties.
Women of Sparta never wore anything like that!
Dorien felt like he needed air. His immortal hands actually shook. The ache of desire increased a hundred-fold. Ignoring the pain was useless. His fingers looped the sides of wet panties. Pulling them off one tortuous leg at a time, he forced himself to look away.

WOW! What an awesome day! Thank you so much for being my guest today, Kristine, and I wish you many sells and many, many more books!!
Before we go, Kristine's going to give you one last yummie taste of her book!

Stripping himself of his cape and coverlet, Dorien slipped naked into her bed. The weight of his body rested against her skin. His cold immortal flesh would never be enough to warm her. Pulling the covers around his shoulders, he held her close. Shivered breaths pressed her breasts flush against him, drilling into the muscles of his chest. Dorien gazed above him, searching for imperfections on the ceiling. He fought to keep his mind and body distracted.
Evangeline looped her arms around his neck. Her legs encircled his middle. Dorien’s body went rigid with warning. The closeness of their bodies was way too dangerous. With a groan of distress, he tried to resist the beckon of her curves. He even tried not to think about it. But ripe instinct made him shudder in hunger. The woman didn’t have a clue. Dorien remained still. He reminded himself over and over of the many reasons why he had to protect her. She was traumatized. She was intoxicated. She was oblivious to their delicate predicament. She was oh, so soft.
What were his reasons again?
He prayed she would stop moving. The torment of being a statue for centuries paled to being frozen in this position.
He tried not to choke. “Yes, my love.”
“H-h-hold me, please.”
He was holding her! That was the problem! If he were any closer, she would be in big trouble!
“Evangeline, please, you must listen to me, sweet. You must stay still. Can you hear me? Evan, don’t move! I don’t want to hurt you. I must not compromise you.”
“I-I-I know, I-I-I’m trying, Dorien. P-p-please come closer.”
She was oblivious to the danger she was in. By Zeus, this couldn’t be happening! He had to get through to her. Temptation would be his death. How much longer could he hold out before the wages of sin gave in? The carnal desire to take her was too intense. Strict training as a soldier never prepared him for this type of assault. Surely he’d be better off in the hands of an enemy. Dorien grit his teeth in agony. It was a good thing his soldiers would never know. They wouldn’t believe their Prince was begging in desperation, trying not to make love to a woman!
“Evan! Please, love. Be still! You are in grave danger! You must understand! I don’t know how much longer I can resist you.”
Desperate for distraction, Dorien kissed Evangeline. Groaning at the sweetness of her mouth, it was so much better than sin. But it backfired completely, only revving his desire. He rode the brink of insanity. The soft moist sounds of her response took him by surprise. He never expected this beauty to return his kiss.
Evangeline’s moan drifted into his mouth. In an innocent gesture, she relaxed, and adjusted her hips. Dorien slipped, and all was lost. Her fingernails embedded deep into his back, unable to penetrate the armor of his skin. Her eyes were dilated, large with need. Her labored breaths brushed over his face. Dorien fought to remain still. Intimate knowledge of her body taunted him so cruelly. The reactive arch of her back made him flinch.
 “Evangeline, are you all right?”
He saw her nod in the darkness. Her heart pounded. She panted. Reading her mind, he knew. She was breathing through the abruptness of their union.
“Evan, I am so sorry. You must know how hard I tried to avoid this.”
It felt so good to love her.
Dorien’s conscience jolted him. He had to do the honorable thing. As a warrior of Sparta, he wouldn’t stay in this predicament. Never against her wishes.
“Don’t move, Evangeline. I will remedy this situation at once.”
She now coaxed him closer. Evangeline’s hands locked tight around his neck.
“No! Please don’t leave… I don’t want you to go.”
She wriggled beneath him. Dorien groaned. It had been too long since he last made love to a woman. Learning of her innocence only bated him to possess her more. If she wasn’t careful, he would soon forget his manners.
“Evan, you don’t know what you are asking. If I don’t stop now, I won’t be able to later. It is now or never. There are some things you can never take back.”
He cupped her buttocks, a botched attempt to hold her writhing body still. But the naughty little sprite kept moving. Her hands unlocked from around his neck. He flinched as her fingernails raked across the skin of his back. She boldly kissed him. Her perfect teeth nibbled at his bottom lip and the warmth of her tongue explored the inside of his mouth.
Dorien breached the point of no return. It was too late to turn back. Now she was his. The sight of her beneath him was better than he ever imagined. Evangeline’s eyes glazed over, half shut in passion. Her mouth trembled in anticipation of his kisses.
He loved the way her golden hair splayed like silk across her pillow. His cold lips claimed her slow, wanting to taste every bit of her. He cradled her face in the bounty of his hands. Without a doubt, he would give this little vixen exactly what she wanted. But time would tell if she could handle what she asked for.

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Interviewed at Romance Author Hotspot

I'm being interviewed by Clarissa at Romance Author Hotspot!

Come by and see what I had to say. 

I'm offering a PDF copy of my book Wayward Soul PLUS a one chapter critique to a lucky poster!!

Come on by and join the party and see what I'm working on next:)))

Writer in Progress


Happy Monday!

I'm so glad all of you stopped by to absorb some insight from Zanna. Isn't she wonderful! I have convinced her to come back every Friday and share her zen with us. YIPPEE!!

I used to pick the winner of a PDF copy of my book (really, Zanna's book) Wayward Soul. The winner was poster Lisa Griffin!!

Congrats, Lisa.  If you'll send me an email at I'll get your book to you ASAP!

I hope you all have a a great week and look forward to seeing you again Friday:)

(Writer in Progress)

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 Zanna's Zen

Happy Friday!

Today I'm happy to have the beautiful Zanna Seoul visiting me. Zanna spent more than two thousand years as a spirit guide before retiring to settle down and raise a family with the man she loves.  Zanna's journey can be found in my novella Wayward Soul.

She was so pleased with the way I told her story she agreed to share some of her knowledge and insight with me. Zanna has also graciously agreed to answer some yes or no questions from my poster by using Tarot cards!! But only if I agree to let one lucky poster have a PDF copy of  Wayward Soul. She drives a hard bargain:)

KB: Thank you so much for being a guest on my blog, Zanna.

ZS: You're very welcome. This is a wonderful day to come and visit because it's the full moon. Today's the day to get clear answers from the Tarot cards.

KB: Yes it is! Will you explain to everyone what a spirit guide is.

ZS: Certainly. A spirit guide is exactly what the title implies. It's a spirit who guides. More specifically, a spirit guide watches over humans. A person picks a guide before he or she is born to help them fulfill their destiny when they begin their life on earth. Since they don't remember anything from the spirit side (you humans call it Heaven) once they're born on earth, we help them to follow the course they mapped.

KB:  Do you miss being a spirit guide.

ZS: I was a spirit guide for more than two thousand years so I'll never truly let go of it, but I love my husband and children.

KB: Has it been hard adjusting to life as a human?

ZS: The hardest thing has been learning to drive! That might sound funny, but I was used to just thinking of where I wanted to go and in the blink of an eye I was there. Now, I have to navigate roads and obey driving laws! I've already gotten three speeding tickets. 

KB: (laughing) I'm sorry, I'm laughing with you, not at you.

ZS: I assure you, it seems like an easy thing to obey the speed limit, but when you're used to travelling faster than the speed of light it's almost impossible.

KB: I guess I never thought of it that way. I see your point. So have you settled in to life as a human?

ZS: Oh yes! I have a wonderful husband, Owen, an amazing stepson, Jamie, and a beautiful daughter, Zoe. I do miss guiding and protecting humans, though. I'm so happy you're giving me the opportunity to use my psychic gifts to answer  questions for others. In a way, it's very similar to what I did as a spirit guide. Thank you so much!

KB: You're very welcome. And thank you for letting me write your story. I feel like I was on the journey with you. I hope you'll come back every Friday and offer insight to us.

ZS: Absolutely!

KS: Ok, I'm going to turn it over to our posters! Feel free to use the comment section to ask Zanna a yes or no question and she'll be happy to offer you an answer using the Tarot Cards.

ZS: Thank you, Kim. I'd like to start out by drawing a card from the deck and offering some general advice and wisdom.

The Chariot is the ultimate card of action.  The Chariot warns us that the time for procrastination is over and it is time to take action.  The Chariot can signify that this is a good  time for a move, travel or it could signify the need to start working on your life plan.  The Chariot means it is time to move forward with your hearts desire.  Take a moment and think about what this card of action could mean for you.

Disclaimer: This service is for entertainment purposes only. Photo courtesy of and demendtd princess.

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Good morning everyone!! I had so much fun with the blog scavenger hunt yesterday. Thank you all for coming and supporting not only me, but all my fellow Astraea Press authors. 

I plan on holding a lot of giveaways over the next several weeks. Keep watching my blog for dates I'll be guest blogging and come by and see me.

Today come and see me at Rebekah Purdy's blog

And now...the winners of the blog scavenger hunt!!! There were 8 people who completed the blog hop.  It took a lot of time and energy and I'm so glad you stuck with it:)

First place: Traci

Second place: Belinda

Third place: Sherry

Fourth place:

Again, this took a lot of time and energy and I feel like you all deserve something for finishing. So...I'm not picking just one of you as the fourth place winner - you all get a PDF copy of my book Wayward Soul!! The five people tying for fourth place are:






CONGRATULATIONS to all of you and thank you so much. I have something very fun planned on my blog in the next few days so keep watching.

Email me at and I'll get your gifts to you.

Happy reading:)))



It's finally here! My book is available for purchase and I'm so very proud of it! From the cover to the dedication it's my heart and soul and I want to thank Astraea Press for believing in me enough to publish my book.

Today's going to be a day full of fun! The scavenger hunt is going to be a blast and I'll be posting excerts from my book throughout the day.

Have a great Tuesday! I know I will:))))

As promised, here's the first of several excerpts I'll be posting today. This is from Chapter One. Happy Reading!

“Owen, please don’t go to work today.” 
Zanna slapped a hand over her mouth. Did she just say that out loud? What the heck was she trying to do? She was Owen’s spirit guide for goodness sake. Her job was to make sure he followed his charted course while living on Earth. To be the invisible force that directed him toward which decision to make. She knew better than to try and change fate. If his chart said he was supposed to die, that was that. His life had already been mapped out from beginning to end before he was born and it was pretty much set in stone. Unfortunately, right now she wasn’t his spirit guide, but the woman who loved him.
“Did you say something?”  Owen asked from the kitchen.
  Zanna stiffened.  If she hadn’t already been sitting on his sofa, she would have fallen to the floor. Had Owen heard her? “No, nothing.” Yes. Please don’t go to work. Stay here. Stay safe.
  “Do you need me to drive you home? I appreciate you staying here last night with Jamie and getting him off to school,” Owen said, walking back to the living room with two cups of coffee. He sat down on the coffee table and handed her a cup.  
“No, I’ll be fine,” Zanna said. I need to go look at your chart on the other side and see if there’s any way to stop you from dying.
 “If you keep staring at me like that, I’m gonna to be late for work.” He smiled, revealing the dimple in his right cheek.
Inspiration struck.  Maybe she was forbidden from telling Owen to stay home, but if he made the choice on his own… 

Here’s excerpt # 2 from Chapter Two of my book! Hope you enjoyJ

Zanna awoke gasping for air. At first, she thought it was the impact of her spirit body returning to her physical body. The force of the two slamming back together after astral travel was uncomfortable. She expected the heavy pressure on her chest, the elevated heart rate, and the momentary paralysis reentry caused, but she’d never been breathless.
Fear took over when the weight increased, crushing her ribcage. Zanna’s hands flew to her throat where they encountered fingers wrapped around her neck, squeezing the life out of her.
She blinked many times before her burning pupils adjusted to the bright overhead lights. The swirling white beacons made her eyes water, blurring her vision. Tears streamed down her face and her empty lungs screamed.
Panicked, she placed her feet on the floor and bucked. She clawed at the hands around her neck desperate to loosen their grip. The vice-like hold only intensified, continuing to push down until she was sure her neck would break. Biting pain stung her smashed windpipe and deflated lungs.
 “Cease,” a male voice ordered. The authoritative sound resonated all around the space.
Her attacker’s lethal hands fell away. Her compressed arteries opened, sending blood coursing through her veins so fast her head spun. She took a deep breath. The air stuck in her crushed throat made her gag and cough. She rolled into a ball, clutching her chest. Several agonizing moments passed before her aching lungs filled with oxygen.
As her physical pain subsided, the dam in her mind broke, flooding her senses with the sound of gunfire, the smell of burning gunpowder, and the sight of blood spraying. Her heart cried out in grief as the horrible memories assaulted her mind. The man she loved was dead.

Friday, February 11, 2011


To celebrate the launch of my new book Wayward Soul, I am holding a BLOG SCAVENGER HUNT February 15, 2011.
The contest will start at 9 a.m. EST at the Astraea Press blog Every half hour (9:30, 10, 10:30, and so forth) I will post a comment letting you know which blog to visit next. You will visit a total of 10 different blogs through the day. YOU MUST LEAVE A COMMENT ON EVERY BLOG IN ORDER TO WIN!
There will be a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place winner!!
First Place will receive an ebook gift basket that will include a copy of my new release Wayward Soul as well as two other Astraea Press releases, Rebekah Purdy’s Seeking Shapeshifters and Bri Clark’s Familial Witch, the future Astraea Press release Spartan Heart by Kristine Cheney, Stephanie Taylor’s new release My One True Love, a hard copy of Sylvia Browne's book Contacting Your Spirit Guide, and a $20 ecoupon to use for future purchases at!!
Second Place will receive 3 future Astraea Press ebook releases (Sucker for a Hot Rod by Joselyn Vaughn, Legend of the Oceina Dragon by J. F. Jenkins, and Therese Gilardi's Matching Wits with Venus) , an ecopy of my book Wayward Soul, and a $10 ecoupon to use for future purchases at!!

Third Place will receive 3 future Astraea Press ebook releases (Vanessa Barger's Into the Ether, Elaine Cantrell's A New Dream, and Kay Springsteen's Heartsight) and an ecopy of my book Wayward Soul.
Fourth Place will receive an ecopy of my new release Wayward Soul.

Check out my Astraea Press Book page for details of the books included in the Scavenger Hunt or visit
It's going to be a ton of fun! I hope to see all of you!

If you have any questions, post it below in the comment section and I’ll answer!
Happy reading

(Writer in Progress)

Monday, February 7, 2011

New Astraea Releases!

I want to give a big shout out to three of my fellow Astraea Press authors this week to congratulate them on their new releases. They would really appreciate it if you would visit them at and don't forget to stop by and say a big howdy do at

Hope everyone has a great week!

Happy writing

WIP (Writer in Progress)

The Perfect Rose by FELICIA ROGERS

Abandoned by his wife and left to raise a child alone, Caleb Reed falls short of the ideal work-from-home dad. He needs a woman to help him, in every sense of the word. At the suggestion of a friend, Caleb agrees to hire Ariel Lauren on a trial basis.
As an orphan, Ariel has more issues than just how to make it on her on. Yes, she needs the money that Caleb offers her, but more than anything she finds she desires his love. One calamity after another befalls her and jeopardizes her new job and her chance at having a family. But through it all, Caleb is by her side, his gruff exterior threatening to melt in the face of their shared attraction. Will they decide to continue life alone or will the magic of Valentine's Day bring them together?

Making Waves by NELL DIXON 

Cassidy Jones needs a holiday and her friend's cottage in New Bay sounds perfect. The beach could heal the bruises from losing her job and her fiancé. Perfect for some time alone to gather her thoughts and heal her broken heart.
Josh Parker is also looking forward to a much needed break after eighteen months of non-stop work. His out-of-town friend offers her cottage, and Josh thinks it would be just right for some time to let his hair down and revive his social life with his old surf buddies.

Sunny Days, Moonlit Nights by JEAN JOACHIM

Caroline Davis White is a well-known artist and married to a wealthy, controlling man. She has everything money could buy except one thing: Love. Brad refuses to give her a divorce she so desperately wants.  With no money, family, or friends, she flees to the Catskill Mountains where she spent her summers as a young adult.
Mike Foster has achieved success and made more money than he could have thought possible, but it destroyed his marriage and cost him his son.  He is wary of every woman he meets, knowing his money may be more attractive than his good looks.
Caroline reconnects with the life she had and friends from long ago. Mike stepped out of her teenage dreams into her life again, looking more handsome and tempting than ever. Caroline knew Mike back then, but is he still the man she fell in love with?

Contest Winner!

Good morning everyone.

The winner of the signed first edition copy of Janet Evanovich's NAUGHTY NEIGHBOR is poster Hildie. Congratulations!

Thank you to everyone for stopping by. I hope to have a new page and contest up in the next few days. Keep your eyes open!

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BIG CONGRATS to Bri Clark and Kendall Evans

Happy Monday everyone!

I wanted to give a special shout out to two of my fellow Astraea Press authors who had their books released February 1, 2011. CONGRATS, girls. Great job.

The Familial Witch by BRI CLARK

Lucien Lemione, the clan leader of the feared and revered Eternals, is faced with the ultimate betrayal. His second in command for two centuries has not only created the most grievous of offenses but also commissioned the creation of liquid silver. When poisoned by this toxin, an immortal suffers a fate much worse than death, frozen in an internal prison. After being wounded when found spying, he hides deep within the eerie woods that encircle the Triad Mountains. Desperate and in pain, he prays to an offended mother goddess for help. Her answer: a woman, but not just any woman. A witch.
After losing her entire coven at the hands of the Eternals, Aisleen is the last of her kind. She retreats from the world to Trinity Forest where she is giving the opportunity of a lifetime, or perhaps a test of principles. It’s there she discovers the man she heals is the Eternal that wiped out her people. Although she is bound as a healer, she could be creative in her revenge. Aisleen knows who and what Lucien is…but does not speak of it. There can be no future with Lucien for she can only be with a mortal man. Even if she wanted to be with him, can she forgive the man that caused the genocide of her people?
Lucien must act quickly for the survival of his clan is at stake. However, Aisleen’s ethereal beauty and emerald eyes keep pushing those thoughts far from his mind. Determined to find out what secret she hides, he prolongs his time with her. When his people need him most what will he choose…duty, desire, or will he make his own fate?
You can choose love but you can’t choose destiny.

Anna's Shattered Faith by KENDALL EVANS

The day Anna Hampton's husband, Zach, was killed was the day she lost her faith. Ranger Daniel Cochran represents everything she doesn't like. Not only is he a lawman, but he's a God-fearing man like Zach. His faith might work for him, but the only thing Anna saw it do was get her husband killed. The Ranger’s presence grows more and more welcome, especially when danger lurks around every corner, and Anna is caught in the middle.