Friday, February 17, 2012

Sweet Saturday Sample


Thank you so much for stopping by to visit me for Sweet Saturday Sample! I’m very excited to have a new book to share. I have partnered with the very talented Kay Springsteen to write a Regency Romance titled A Lot Like a Lady and today I’d like to share one of my very favorite parts with you.

I have to say, when you write a story that is set 200 years ago, be prepared to do your homework. I bet Kay and I spent as much time (if not more) researching as we did writing. For instance, the War of 1812…not really called that back then. Talk about work to figure out what it was called! But researching was a highlight for me. I loved reading about the great London Museum and hope you love how Kay and I tied the history of the time with our romance:)


ehLaughter broke into his morbid thoughts, and he realized the sound came from the young lady standing next to him. The sing-song sound bounced off the walls and filled the room. Grey darted a look around, noticing other patrons were staring at her with censure for her inappropriate outburst, and then moving away.

Her face was flush and her eyes danced with delight.

“You might try to contain yourself. People are staring,” Grey chided softly.

“I am sorry. It’s just…oh my!”

She covered her mouth with her hands, attempting to silence her mirth. “In the guide book it says rhinoceros…fury—” She broke off laughing again, unable to speak, and handed him the pamphlet, pointing to the section causing her to giggle.

Grey furrowed his brow and started reading, wondering what could be so amusing about such an enormous beast. “…it seems at times to be subject to paroxysms of fury—”

At the word fury, her laughter bubbled out again, interrupting him.

“P-p-paroxysms of f-fury!” She guffawed louder.

Grey glanced around once more, embarrassed that her outbursts were making them the center of attention. He clenched and unclenched his jaw, resisting the urge to drag her out of the museum.

“I beg your pardon? Perhaps you might share with me and the rest of the visitors you are disturbing what is so funny about a large animal’s fury.”

She straightened her stance and glanced around sheepishly at the people watching. “I do apologize, your grace. I am sorry. It’s just…we…”


“It’s you!” she announced, then covered her mouth to stifle more laughter.

Grey was taken aback. “Me?”

Her head bobbed up and down. “Yes, you. Why, even now you’re glaring at me in the same manner as the beast. And I am almost certain when you entered the parlor you were having a paroxysm of fury!” Her voice lost its customary genteel quality and raised an octave with the word fury and her whole body shook with mirth. She lifted her eyes to meet his and pointed first at him, then at the rhino. “See, even now you have the same expression on your face.” She then bunched her eyebrows together, squinted her eyes, and puckered her lips in a tight thin line.

rhinoGrey hid the chuckle that escaped through his mouth by coughing. “Indeed. I believe I am about to subject you to that…um…fury again. Unless one of the other patrons beats me to it.” He took her by the arm and led her around the rest of the exhibit. “Come along, we have much to see, if you think you can behave yourself.”

“I promise to be on my best behavior, your grace.”

Grey gave her a sideways glance. “In that case, we should probably leave now.”

The smile she bestowed on him sent thunderclaps of heat racing through his body to knock against his heart, the sudden surge of warm desire melting a huge part of the cold barrier he had surrounded it with. Of their own accord, his lips curved up in response and he gave her arm a little squeeze.

I hope you enjoyed this snippet from A Lot Like a Lady. Keep watching for our cover to be unveiled and for our release date to be announced!

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~Kim Bowman

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