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$.99 SALE!!!

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YES! You read that right! You can purchase Wayward Soul for $.99 right now at AMAZON  and at BARNES AND NOBLE. YIPPEEE!!! I'm posting the book blurb and chapter one below so you can check it out.


When Zanna Seoul accidentally causes the death of a fellow spirit guide’s charge while trying to save the life of the man she loves, she is stripped of her position and banished to Earth to die. In the spirit world, one doesn’t mess with what’s written.

With Zanna no longer guiding him and his memory of her erased, Owen Nash is left wide open as the target of the vengeful spirit guide who feels he’s been wronged. A guide who also happens to be a werewolf. Once on Earth, Zanna refuses to stand by and watch Owen die, so she intervenes again, setting off a chain of events that could mean death for all of them if she doesn’t go back and undo the mess she’s made. Can Zanna succeed before the werewolf does?


Chapter One
“Owen, please don’t go to work today.”
Zanna slapped a hand over her mouth. Did she just say that out loud? What the heck was she trying to do? She was Owen’s spirit guide for goodness sake. Her job was to make sure he followed his charted course while living on Earth. To be the invisible force that directed him toward which decision to make. She knew better than to try and change fate. If his chart said he was supposed to die, that was that. His life had already been mapped out from beginning to end before he was born and it was pretty much
set in stone. Unfortunately, right now she wasn’t his spirit guide, but the woman who loved him.
“Did you say something?” Owen asked from the kitchen.
Zanna stiffened. If she hadn’t already been sitting on his sofa, she would have fallen to the floor. Had Owen heard her? “No, nothing.” Yes. Please don’t go to work. Stay here. Stay safe.
“Do you need me to drive you home? I appreciate you staying here last night with Jamie and getting him off to school,” Owen said, walking back to the living room with two cups of coffee. He sat down on the coffee table and handed her a cup.
“No, I’ll be fine,” Zanna said. I need to go look at your chart on the other side and see if there’s any way to stop you from dying.
“If you keep staring at me like that, I’m gonna to be late for work.” He smiled, revealing the dimple in his right cheek.
Inspiration struck. Maybe she was forbidden from telling Owen to stay home, but if he made the choice on his own…
“Well, we can’t have that, Lieutenant Nash.” She leaned forward, sat the coffee down, and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him on the couch with her.
Desire flashed in Owen’s eyes. “Forget work. I spent all night chasing the bad guy.” His mouth captured hers, urging her lips to part. The minute they did, he deepened the kiss and her conscience receded to a distant part of her mind. Zanna ran her fingers down Owen’s sides and around his back, pulling him closer, her hands dipping lower.
Breathless, Owen broke the kiss to ask, “Are you sure? I mean, I know you want to wait…”
Was she sure? As one of the few spirit guides who had never lived on earth as a human before, she didn’t have a lot of experience in the romantic depart. Slowly, she emerged from the blissful daydream where she was trying to find a place to hide from the impossible dilemma she faced.
Do my job and let Owen die or save him and risk causing bedlam on Earth. Why did it have to be written in his chart that he had to die? Would it really be so disastrous if he lived?
“Earth to Zanna,” Owen said.
“I’m sorry. Did you say something?”
Owen furrowed his eyebrows. “Yeah, I asked if you wanted to stop. I’m sorry. I freaked you out, didn’t I?”
Zanna took his face in her hands. “No, you didn’t scare me at all. It’s just—”
“It’s fine, I get it. I’m sorry.” Owen pushed back off the couch and moved to the door. “I gotta go to work.” He grabbed his gun and badge off the shelf by the door and turned the handle. He released the handle and raked his hand through his hair. With a loud sigh, he removed the gun and put it back on the shelf and then walked back to Zanna. He took both her hands in his and placed a tender kiss on her lips. Tears of relief streamed down her cheek.
“Please don’t cry. I hate it when you cry. I was a jerk.”
“I didn’t mean…It’s not you…It’s just…It’s just…” It’s just that if you go to work, you’ll be killed and I’ll lose you.
He caressed her face with his thumbs. “Why don’t I call and have Smitty bring me the reports I need to finish, and we can spend the day doing whatever you want,” Owen offered.
Zanna’s heart sang with joy. “Yes!”
Owen gave her a sheepish smile. “Okay. Let me call work and then I’ll be all yours.” He opened his phone and dialed.
Zanna fell back on the couch, relief washing through her. Her mind reeled trying to figure out how this was possible. How had it been so easy to keep Owen from going
to work, when his chart said he would end up being shot and killed in the line of duty today?
His voice had taken on a somber note. The laughter completely gone. The way he said her name sent cold shivers up and down her spine. She couldn’t look up, didn’t want to see the solemn expression on his face. She started to tremble and beads of perspiration broke out on her temple. If she didn’t get a grip, she wouldn’t be able to maintain her
physical body and it would be cast back to the spirit side. Owen would then drop dead from shock at watching her disappear.
He sat beside her on the sofa and placed his hand on her forehead. “Are you o—”
His cell phone started chirping. Cursing under his breath, he answered. “Nash.”
Zanna couldn’t hear what the caller was saying, but from the way Owen’s jaw tightened and the vein on the side of his neck throbbed, it wasn’t good.
“I’m on my way.” He snapped the phone closed then tossed in on the table. “I’m so sorry, Zanna. We have a really good lead on the guy we think’s been killing all these young girls. I have to follow it. Why don’t you stay here and wait for me.”
Her throat was so tight she couldn’t speak, so she just gave him a tight smile and nodded.
“Don’t hate me. You know I wouldn’t go if I didn’t have to.”
“I love you, Owen,” she said, her eyes intent.
He pressed his lips to her brow. “Why, I don’t know, but I’m glad you do. I love you, too. Wait for me.”
A few minutes later, she was alone in Owen’s house. Frozen in place, hoping time would stand still.
I can’t lose him. I don’t care what his fate is supposed to be! Think, think, think. There has to be a way to stop Owen from dying without causing chaos and destruction to ensue.
Now Zanna understood why spirit guides were only permitted to take on a physical form to help a charge as a last resort. Why too much interaction between a life director and the human they helped protect was forbidden. The temptation to rewrite a person’s destiny, which in turn would cause pandemonium, was too great. She picked a pillow up off the couch and screamed into it, loud. There was nothing she could do to save Owen.

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  1. OK, so now I want to know if Owen dies or not. Really good excerpt, definitely piqued my curiosity.