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Trivia Tuesday–Kay Springsteen


I’m so pleased to have my wonderful friend and fellow Astraea Press author/anthology contributor Kay Springsteen in the hot seat today. I know she is as proud of Matrimonial Mayhem as I am. Kay’s contribution to this work is Camp Wedding, which features the cast of characters from Heartsight. The end of Heartsight finds Trish and Dan married and about to embark on their new life as husband and wife. Camp Wedding shows us that a bride’s best laid plans can mean only one thing – something will inevitably go wrong. Matrimonial Mayhem can be purchased at Amazon for $5.99 ~  Astraea Press for $5 ~ Barnes & Noble for $5.99 and all proceeds go to benefit the Governor of Alabama's Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives for the hardest storm-hit areas of the state.

Now, time to pick Kay’s brain with some questions.

Who’s your favorite villain either from a book or a movie? Silar from Heroes. I think he was less of a villain than he was portrayed, and really just misunderstood. Also, the Man In Black on Lost. After I learned his back story, I came to believe Jacob was the one in the wrong, although not out of any malicious reason; rather, he was misguided.

bear1Where’s the one place you’d love to visit? Well, it WAS the Yellowstone in the Rocky Mountains until the grizzly bear attack last week. That kind of made me re-think my bucket list goals of which states to hit.

You and me too!!  Who’s the one person you’d love to meet? Lori Karayianni – she’s ½ of the writing team that comprises Tori Carrington. She and I are Facebook friends and I’d love to meet her in person. She sounds like a lot of fun. Not to be outdone by meeting Kim Bowman in person, but I already KNOW that’s gonna happen. Same with J. Gunnar Grey. One day…

Oh, that’s a given! And soon, I hope! Do you prefer to read a book written in first person or third person? Third person all the way, baby.

What genre do you love to read but would never write? Techno-thrillers (e.g., Tom Clancy), or Science Fiction – the hard core kind (e.g., Herbert, Heinlein, etc.). I love reading and watching both of these genres, but there is so much research into pure science to do in order to write it correctly.

alienWOW! I wouldn’t have guessed that! Do you prefer to read stand alone books or a series? I love stand alone books that have other stand alone books as part of the series. I don’t mind an occasional trilogy with cliff hanger endings as long as I don’t have to wait too long between books. But it’s the revisiting of characters and catching glimpses of old favorites in new stories that really makes it great for me.

And you do a killer job with that in your books Lifeline Echoes and Elusive Echoes! And, of course, with Heartsight and Camp Wedding. I’m so glad you shared Dan and Trish’s story with us and I’m especially glad you offered to share and excerpt from Camp Wedding with us.

The organ began to play the one song Trish had insisted on, Pachelbel's Canon. They were only a couple of hours late. Guests had resettled themselves into pews as everyone waited for the bride to finish getting ready. Now the moment was here, and as he listened to the chorus of ʺAw, how cute," Dan knew Trish was making her way toward him.

Next to him, Jake cleared his throat and murmured softly, ʺYour bride has tethered your child to her with a very colorful ribbon attached to them both."

Dan stopped himself from laughing out loud, but only barely. His lips twitched as he picked up the tinkling sound of jingle bells in perfect rhythm with Trish’s footsteps, and from then on out, he had no trouble visualizing the woman he loved walking along the aisle in his direction.

As Trish stopped next to him and the organ music drifted to silence, her sweet flowery scent wafted in his direction . . . mingled with the definite fragrance of cotton candy. His mind drifted to the morning he’d met these two incredible females, and he acknowledged the countless ways his life had been changed since that day. He could no longer imagine himself living alone, hidden from the rest of the world, soaking in a vat of his own pity. Trish and Bella had brought love and joy to his life. He was, as his father had said, a very lucky man.

Dan barely heard the words. He must have said the right things at the right time. Jake didn’t poke him in the ribs once during the ceremony.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Kay has graciously offered one lucky commenter a PDF copy of either Heartsight or Lifeline Echoes. You can follow Kay on her writing adventures (pssst…she’s working on a killer story right now titled Heartsent) on her Blog ~ Facebook ~ Twitter

You can also purchase her other books by following the links above.

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