Saturday, May 25, 2013

 I'm a bit red-faced this morning. First, I realized the post I created announcing the winners of the blog hop didn't go live. Then I realized that for some reason I saved the emails  to the winners in my draft folder. Please forgive me! I'm very sorry.

Soooo...since I let the ball drop, I'm going to let the winners pick 2 ebooks and I'm going to add 3 winners of 1 ebook. You can have your pick of any of my titles.

And using, the winners are:

Mary Preston - 2 ebooks

Laurie - 2 ebooks

Jill - 1 ebook

Donna Feyen - 1 ebook

Shadow - 1 ebook

Thank you all for supporting Rachel and for participating in the blog hop. I will be emailing the winners very shortly! And don't forget, whether you like a book or not, the best way to support an author is by leaving an honest review!

Happy Reading!


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