Thursday, February 17, 2011

 Zanna's Zen

Happy Friday!

Today I'm happy to have the beautiful Zanna Seoul visiting me. Zanna spent more than two thousand years as a spirit guide before retiring to settle down and raise a family with the man she loves.  Zanna's journey can be found in my novella Wayward Soul.

She was so pleased with the way I told her story she agreed to share some of her knowledge and insight with me. Zanna has also graciously agreed to answer some yes or no questions from my poster by using Tarot cards!! But only if I agree to let one lucky poster have a PDF copy of  Wayward Soul. She drives a hard bargain:)

KB: Thank you so much for being a guest on my blog, Zanna.

ZS: You're very welcome. This is a wonderful day to come and visit because it's the full moon. Today's the day to get clear answers from the Tarot cards.

KB: Yes it is! Will you explain to everyone what a spirit guide is.

ZS: Certainly. A spirit guide is exactly what the title implies. It's a spirit who guides. More specifically, a spirit guide watches over humans. A person picks a guide before he or she is born to help them fulfill their destiny when they begin their life on earth. Since they don't remember anything from the spirit side (you humans call it Heaven) once they're born on earth, we help them to follow the course they mapped.

KB:  Do you miss being a spirit guide.

ZS: I was a spirit guide for more than two thousand years so I'll never truly let go of it, but I love my husband and children.

KB: Has it been hard adjusting to life as a human?

ZS: The hardest thing has been learning to drive! That might sound funny, but I was used to just thinking of where I wanted to go and in the blink of an eye I was there. Now, I have to navigate roads and obey driving laws! I've already gotten three speeding tickets. 

KB: (laughing) I'm sorry, I'm laughing with you, not at you.

ZS: I assure you, it seems like an easy thing to obey the speed limit, but when you're used to travelling faster than the speed of light it's almost impossible.

KB: I guess I never thought of it that way. I see your point. So have you settled in to life as a human?

ZS: Oh yes! I have a wonderful husband, Owen, an amazing stepson, Jamie, and a beautiful daughter, Zoe. I do miss guiding and protecting humans, though. I'm so happy you're giving me the opportunity to use my psychic gifts to answer  questions for others. In a way, it's very similar to what I did as a spirit guide. Thank you so much!

KB: You're very welcome. And thank you for letting me write your story. I feel like I was on the journey with you. I hope you'll come back every Friday and offer insight to us.

ZS: Absolutely!

KS: Ok, I'm going to turn it over to our posters! Feel free to use the comment section to ask Zanna a yes or no question and she'll be happy to offer you an answer using the Tarot Cards.

ZS: Thank you, Kim. I'd like to start out by drawing a card from the deck and offering some general advice and wisdom.

The Chariot is the ultimate card of action.  The Chariot warns us that the time for procrastination is over and it is time to take action.  The Chariot can signify that this is a good  time for a move, travel or it could signify the need to start working on your life plan.  The Chariot means it is time to move forward with your hearts desire.  Take a moment and think about what this card of action could mean for you.

Disclaimer: This service is for entertainment purposes only. Photo courtesy of and demendtd princess.


  1. Hello, Zanna. My new book Spartan Heart will be released on Tuesday. It is the first title of the Spartan Heart Saga series that revolves around five deliciously muscled Spartan warriors released from an evil curse. My characters are no strangers to magic. Their only problem is they are on the wrong end of it. Life isn't easy when you have an torked off Oracle who has nothing better to do than meddle and make every attempt to destroy your immortal existence. Is there any advice and wisdom you could offer my valiant hunks?

  2. Oh my! I, too, understand being on the wrong side. As a matter of fact, I almost destroyed Earth because I broke rules and the Gods weren't happy with me. Fortunately, sometimes the wrong thing turns out to be the very best thing!

    I have drawn the card of Strength for your warriors. What a wonderful card. I see great passion growing strong quite fast. A passion, the card tells me, that will lead to redemption! There will be some confusion and frustration, but in the end passion will prove to be the strength needed to succeed in their quest!

    I send much good tidings to your great warriors! Their journey is just beginning, as is yours!

  3. Hello Zanna, many thanks for your visit and insights. I am feeling a little lost, confused and even a little overwhelmed----will this end soon?

  4. Thank you, Zanna. My warriors feel better knowing strength and fate are on their side. I am confident their passion and immortal attributes will help them overcome any obstacles the oracle Demona throws their way.

    Thank you for your wisdom and hospitality.

  5. Greetings, Michele, and thank you for stopping by. Don't fear being lost. It just means you have many many choices available to you. For you, I've drawn the Page of Wands. You want things to change, but you fear the outcome. I see a new enterprise on your horizon. Something the public will readily accept. I also see a new love interest calling soon! You have a lot to look forward to so good luck and stay on your chart!

  6. Oh, I've had many dealings with the evil Demona! Just remember love conquers all!

  7. Lots of changes going on in my life. Will this balance out on the positive side for me and my family?

  8. Kay, it's very difficult to balance everything. I know, I almost caused everyone on Earth to die because I couldn't do it.

    Have no fear, as long as you're reaching toward the right goals, the end will be positive.

    I have drawn the Knight of Rods for you. WOW. Knights appear when we are at a crossroads. Remember to set things straight in your mind and all will be well. I see a business opportunity being provided or reached before the desire was expressed and you'll be very happy. I also see tensions vanishing, things being righted, and issues concerning balance being resolved. So as long as you keep your focus on what's important, it will balance on the positive side!!!

  9. I have a personal project which is very dear to me, will it be successful soon?

  10. How wonderful, Nell.

    Your card is The Page of Swords. Great card! Swords always signify action and a Page delivers or brings news. The page of Swords indidcates a timeline of April to May, but the season for the Sword is winter. So you may see a change forming in April, but you might not see total success until winter. So don't get disheartened. Be a person of action like the Sword and trudge ahead. You will succeed!

  11. I'm nervous about marketing my upcoming novel, HENRIETTA THE DRAGON SLAYER. Any advice? Thanks!

  12. Thank you so much for stopping by, Beth, and congrats on your new novel. I was once a spirit guide to a dragon slayer. He was a nice young lad. He went on, many centuries later, to be the lead of a famous band.

    Is your novel a YA book? I'm asking because your card is the Page of Cups which generally indicates young people or young adults. It also indicates a person who delivers messages. Cups deal with emotions so my advice to you is to follow your heart when it comes to marketing. This is definitely a case of letting your emotions lead you in the right direction. There will be opportunities arise that you might have turned down in the past, but now you will feel it's the right thing - GO WITH THAT! Sometimes the hardest thing to do is let our emotions take over, but that's exactly what you need to do!

    I see a sequel in your future:)

  13. This has been so FUN!

  14. Hi, Zanna. It is a pleasure to meet you. I can't wait to read your story.

  15. hi! Zanna, how are you? I have to pass a subject in university, I was going to be OK?


  16. I'm so glad you had fun, Kay!! I hope you'll come back and visit me next Friday.

  17. Hi, Ciara. It is wonderful to meet you as well. I've drawn the Seven of Cups as your card. I see you spending a lot of time alone in the coming weeks on a new project. A project that is near and dear to your heart. This is going to be an amazing time!!

  18. @vane_argentina, how wonderful to be pursuing a career.

    I've drawn the Five of Swords for you. Swords indicate action. This is going to be a difficult task, but if you put a lot of effort and time in you will succeed. I don't see 100% victory, but I see success in what you work hard for!! Good luck and work hard. You'll get there.

  19. I have always been so intrigued by spirit guides and the tarot cards. :) Wayward Soul sounds interesting, and I had to laugh about Zanna's speeding tickets. :)

    My question is: When we lose site of our dreams, we have nothing. Will I ever get my dreams back? Or will I wander around from now on feeling lost?

  20. Lisa, I feel for you. One of the toughest parts of a spirit guide's job is helping a person get back on track when they feel lost or wander around.

    When I drew your card, I understood why you were feeling so lost. your card is the Five of Pentacles. Pentacles in a reading indicate that conditions are in the changing state and fives indicate changes, challenges, and fluctuations in spiritual, physical, and mental states.

    Now that all sounds bad, but it is sooo very exciting. It means that you're getting ready to enter a very amazing part of your journey here on earth. This transition does feel us with self-doubt, but it is temporary.

    So my advice is start your day with a positive mantra such as I am happy, healthy, and loved. to help you through this transition and get excited about the new phase of your life you are getting ready to enter!!

    BTW: My husband did not think the speeding tickets were so funny:)

  21. hi!!
    I wanted to know if I will find work this year?

  22. I'm so glad you stopped by, Juli! Your card is the Four of Swords! A powerful card, indeed. Swords indicate activity. The Four of Swords is the card of rest so right now you are in a restful state. This restful state will be short-lived as winter is the season for the suit of swords.

    The most important thing is to be an active warrior and "wield your sword" and you will succeed. Positive forward movement wil bring you the opportunity that you're waiting for!!

  23. Thank you so much, Zanna! You made me smile and gave me something positive to focus on.

    So sorry your husband didn't think the speeding tickets were funny. lol.

    Have a wonderful day! :)

  24. Oh, I'm so glad to make you smile, Lisa!!

    Life is a wonderful journey for all of us. We just need to take a break every now and again to catch our breath!!!

  25. Most times life it is a wonderful journey, and I wouldn't want to be any place else. :) Guess I just need to refocus and regroup.

    And yes, you made me smile. I've enjoyed participating today. :)