Thursday, February 24, 2011


Happy Friday, everyone!!  Our psychic party was so much fun last weekend that I invited Zanna to come back not just for today, but for the next five Fridays to answer your YES/NO questions using the Tarot cards.

And, with any party, you wanna have party favors sooo...

Not only will Zanna be answering questions from posters, but each week, one poster will be randomly chosen to receive a PDF copy of my novella WAYWARD SOUL and a set of their very own Tarot cards!!

As an added bonus - the person who leaves the most comments over the next 5 Friday's will receive a copy of Sylvia Browne's CONTACTING YOUR SPIRIT GUIDE and, of course, a PDF copy of my book!
So, come by, join the party, and get some insight into the unknown:)))

I'll turn the floor over to Miss Zanna now.

Thank you, Kim. I'm so happy to be back. I'd like to give you all a positive message. Our card today is Strength.
Courage and fortitude nicely sums up the meaning of the Strength card. Determination may be needed to achieve the desired outcome.  Drawing the Strength card symbolizes that obstacles can be overcome if you are willing to work hard and allow nothing to keep you from your goal.  After all, how much did the beautiful maiden have to overcome in order to stroke the head of a ferocious lion. The symbol of infinity above the woman's head signifies that there are endless possibilities in life.  Take a few moments and reflect on this card, allow the card to speak to you and see what insights you get for your own life.  

Very powerful message. I hope it lifts your spirits and gives you the motivation to reach for the stars!


Disclaimer: This service is for entertainment purposes only.


  1. Hi Kim and Zanna! I've always found Tarot cards fascinating. I'm too chicken to ask a Yes or NO question out in cyberspace. What if I don't get the answer I wish? *wink* I think I'd rather the future be a surprise. Take care & thank for the lovely post. :-)

  2. A wise woman indeed, Miss Maeve! I'll let you in on a little secret - we always get the answer we want with the universe:) We make our own fate, as I found out and Kim wrote in Wayward Soul.

    Rather than answer a question, I'll offer you some wisdom. Your card is the Six of Pentacles. Pentacles deal with riches - be it spiritual, physical, or monitary. You are a woman who is very full of riches and those positive vibes overflow into those around you. The card illustrates an older man who's happy and grandfatherly. He holds a balanced scale. Could he be the person who keeps you balanced and "rich"?

    I hope you have many riches - happy, healthy, wealthy, loved.

  3. Hello, Zanna! I wanted to say hello today! Any news for me today? Lol!

  4. Hello, Kristine! How nice of you to stop by.

    Your card is the Ace of Cups and that means you need to start celebrating. Aces indicate new beginnings and the Ace of Cups deals with the start of a new creative endeavor. You can expect a lot of new and inspired ideas and thoughts as well as a lot of praise and admiration for new works!! Exciting indeed.

  5. Hi, Zanna and Kim. Great post today. I'm too scared to ask anything. I'll keep it a surprise. That way I won't worry about what is to come. :)

  6. Compromise -yes or no?

  7. Hi Ladies, so glad I found you here!! I'm a big fan of Kay's :-)
    I would like to ask how does the future of my business look?
    cindi Quay

  8. I'm so glad you stopped by, Ciara. (chuckling). I'm sorry for the chuckle, I tend to want to know what's going on a try to change it. It nearly got me and everyone else in a lot of trouble as Kim explains in Wayward Soul.

    How about if I just draw a card to give you a positive message?

    Your card is th Ten of Swords. If you know anything about the illustrations, it's a fallen soldier who has ten swords sticking in his back.

    Didn't you just have back surgery not long ago? Take it easy! Also, swords indicate action/work and the number ten signifies re-beginnings. Are you in the final stages of a project but feel you might have to "start over"? Perserver, it will pay off! The soldier may be down, but he's not out:)

  9. Oh, Miss Kay, it's fabulous that you stopped by!

    Compromise is a good thing - as long as you benefit.

    Your card is the Two of Rods. Twos generally mean a waiting period, partial success with more to come. Wands indicate that conditions are in the thinking/devlopmental phase.

    The two elements together indicates a hesitation on your part. It implies you don't feel right about what the compromise entails. Don't settle. Counter-offer, if you will. take a deep breath and offer a compromise for the compromise - something that feels 100% right to you!

  10. Wonderful of you to visit, Cindi! I'm a big fan of Kay's as well and I can't wait for Tuesday.

    Your card, the Moon, appears to be a dark and dreary card. Scary card. Fitting for you because it deals with you and your inner feelings of dread or foreboding. You want your business to succeed but you feel it won't.

    The moon is that bright, shining star in our darkest hour or a starless night. Push past your feelings of failure and let the light from the moon shine bright on your venture.

    The message with this card is that you will succeed if you focus on the moon, instead of the dark night. In other words, there was a very positive reason behind why you started this business and, although it's scary and there is always a chance of failure, as long as your concentration is on the positive, anything is possible.

  11. Hi, Kim & Zanna!

    Very neat post. I love Tarot cards, and adore that image of strength from the Hanson-Roberts deck. :-)

    Here's my question...will I get "unstuck" soon?

    Thanks in advance!


  12. Zanna!!
    The Moon, she is my ally! how wonderful to get that card and your reading, thank you for your time and wise council!!

  13. Hello to both Kim and Zanna, I just happen to trip my way into this blog, and I'd like to ask a question if I may.

    Will I be moving to NYC sometime this year?

  14. Good evening Alayna. I'm so glad you visited today.

    Being stuck is very frustrating. If it lasts too long, we try to force things into action, and that rarely works.

    Your card is fitting. The Page of Pentacles symbolizes a perservering, productive, ambitious person. Pages were generally young people who deliver messages, ran errands, and they were always searching for ways to better their position. Those types of people don't take "rest" periods very well and for them waiting is almost unbearable:)

    There is good news, though, because pentacles generally represent that ideas or new beginnings are taking form. Also, the season for pentacles is spring, which is just around the corner. So, I think you'll be "unstuck" before you know it.

  15. Cindi, isn't amazing how the Universe knows us so well and gives us just what we need!

  16. @drakenfyre, how wonderful you found us! I hope this is one of many visits.

    NYC! That's very exciting.

    Once again, a poster whose card is a pentacle. Your care is the Eight of Pentacles. So there are ideas and plans being form - new beginnings.

    Eights in a reading indicate a positive change. So the eight combined with the pentacle indicates your headed toward a huge new change in your life. One that will be positive.

    In the end, the decision will be up to you whether you move, but the Universe is letting you know that this would be a positive and productive decision that will bring a new, exciting start!

  17. @Zanna thank you so much! This puts my nerves to ease, since my boyfriend and I have been talking about my moving to the city.

    I do plan on comming back for more future visits also :)

  18. @drakenfyre, I'm so happy to have put your mind at ease so that you can focus on a positive adventure. I would love for you to come back and visit.

  19. Thanks, Zanna! Makes sense - I appreciate it.

  20. Hi Kim and Zanna,
    Just saw your post on Savvy Authors and was instantly caught by your subject title, "Psychic Party." I love Tarot cards though I'd never seen this one. It's a beautiful deck! And What a unique idea for party favors, though I don't know if I'm too late. The message of Strength is uplifting and the question you ask reminds me of Aesop's fable, "The Sun and the Wind," in which gentleness rather than force is the key.

  21. Julie, welcome. No, you're just in time. How fitting that you mentioned Aesop. How wonderful that his tales have survived the centuries.

    You card is the Seven of Pentacles. We already learned that pentacles are about ideas and plans taking form and sevens circle around a period of introspection and patience. Understanding that if you plant a sappling today it won't grow into a giant oak overnight. Things worth having are worth waiting for. You are a wise woman, Julie. I hope you return and share more of your wisdom with us.

  22. OMGosh! Did I need to hear this. Yes, I am impatient with myself and my writing, as I am still a Writer in Progress. Thank you.

  23. Alayna, you are very welcome and I hope you'll stop back by.

    Julie, isn't it amazing how well the Universe knows us and gives us reminders when we need them. Just remember Aesop's The Tortoise and the Hare and you'll win the writing race before you know it:)