Saturday, October 29, 2011

Seven Days of Spooks–Day 2

GhostGraveyard-500x750[1]I’m happy to have fellow Astraea Press author Sherry Gloag on my blog sharing her ghost story with us! Thank you Sherry.

I was around 7 or eight years old at the time and away at boarding school. The dormitory door opened toward my bed so anyone entering the room had to be right inside the room before I saw them. There were eight beds in that room, four on my side and four on the other. It was winter term -can't remember exact month but Oct/Nov probably. The door did NOT open but a woman stood beside my bed. She wore a tight-bodiced floor-length dress and pointed head gear. She stood beside my bed for what seemed like an age. No I was not frightened, I sensed no menace, only sadness.

sherryEventually she walked to the end of my bed, round the end of it toward the full-length windows at the other end of the room (we were three floor up from the ground outside on this side of the building.)
She walked THROUGH the closed windows and vanished. After a couple of minutes I *quietly* asked if anyone else was awake. One girl named Sheila Balfour answered me. We shared our experiences and discovered we'd both seen the same thing.
There’d been no ghostly stories anywhere the day/evening before, so not preconceived apparition.

The next morning we told our 'house mistress' about the night-time visit.
There was another adult in the room and we both saw their shared glances and knew what we'd seen was a real and known phenomenon even though the adults dismissed it as a bad dream.
That too simply confirmed to me what we'd seen was real, because neither of us described the event as 'bad' because neither of us were scared by it. A little in awe and uncertain, sure, but not scared.

scaryWe later learned that poor Lady Jane Grey stayed there on a visit before traveling south to England for her marriage.
This event took place in a house/school called Semour Lodge, in Crief, Perthsire Scotland. More decades ago than I can to remember!

OOOOO! Thank you so much for sharing. What a great story. I’d love to hear similar stories from anyone willing to share.

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While most kids can’t wait to dress up in costumes and go out trick or treating, Charlie, Jack, and Millie Foster dread Halloween. Even the promise of receiving a slew of candy doesn’t interest them. How could it when they know the truth about All Hallows Eve? That it’s really a day to fear, a day when the dead walk the earth again.

With their house sitting directly behind a graveyard, they are prime targets for the spirits to haunt.

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  1. Kim, thanks for having me here and sharing my story. Happy Halloween.