Monday, October 31, 2011

Seven Days of Spooks–Day 3


HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I’m sorry I didn’t have a post yesterday, technical difficulties. I’ll post Day 4 a little later! Right now I’d like to share a story from Jennifer Smith. She shared it on my blog during the Spook-A-Licious Blog Hop and agreed to let me post it! Thank you, Jennifer!

scary3I definitely believe in ghosts! When my hubby and I were dating we pulled into a little clearing in some woods we knew about. It was the perfect little hidey hole. We were sitting out there one night in the car and I looked out the windshield and saw a man walking toward us. I freaked! There was woods in front of us, nowhere from him to be coming from, so I automatically assumed he was some crazed killer coming to get us. I will never forget what he looked like. He had on a flannel shirt, overalls and one of those railroad looking caps.

scary8 Mike cracked his window to call out to him and turned on the headlights and there wasn't anyone there. He was convinced we were both just seeing things when he turned the lights back off there the man was again. He never got very close to the car. There was nothing for someone to hide behind or conceal himself so I truly believe it was a ghost. We didn't stick around to see what he wanted or if he was friendly and to this day we haven't gone back.

OOOOOOO! Great story, Jennifer! I have goose bumps running up and down my spine. I’d love to hear some stories from others who’ve had similar things happen!

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While most kids can’t wait to dress up in costumes and go out trick or treating, Charlie, Jack, and Millie Foster dread Halloween. Even the promise of receiving a slew of candy doesn’t interest them. How could it when they know the truth about All Hallows Eve? That it’s really a day to fear, a day when the dead walk the earth again.


  1. You're welcome!! We're supposed to head back to my hometown in a few weeks for Thanksgiving.. I may drive past our old hidey hole just to see if it's still there BUT I won't be pulling into it LOL.

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