Monday, April 18, 2011


Happy Monday, all:) I thought I'd share some great tips and advice on how to find your writing voice and make it work for you. Voice is the hardest thing for an author to develop and it's also the first thing you have to establish. Even if you become a New York Times bestseller, you'll always have to work on your voice and your vibe (more about vibe later).

Rather than make this about lectures and long posts you have to read, I thought we'd actually practice. I'll post three or four short lessons a day on my TWITTER account and on my Wayward Soul Facebook Page this week and then on Monday, April, 23, 2011, I'll post the whole lesson and you guys can ask questions.

The first lesson is up. Here's the repost. 

Writing lesson 1 - developing your voice: pick a mundane everyday task and write it down. Mine: Throwing hay to the horses and filling their water tank.

Stay tuned for more:)