Friday, April 15, 2011

Five Question Friday will Rachel Firaseck

I'm so happy to have Rachel Firasek visiting my blog today to talk about her new release Passion of the Soul: Piper's Fury. I love your cover. An amazing effect and the eye - WOW! How did you come up with the title?

Well, the book is about Piper. She's mad a lot. So, it was naturally Piper's Fury as a working title. Then, I changed it to Passion of the Soul: Piper's Fury when I realized that I needed a series name. The book was just too big for one story.

Oh, so we get to see a lot more of Piper. Awesome!
What's the most rewarding thing about being a published author?
I'm not sure yet, I've been a published author for less than a  month. I guess I'm still settling in. If I had to say right now what is the most rewarding, it would have to be the reaction of my family. I swear it's like we wrote the book together and  I guess we did. :)

I can relate, totally. What's the hardest thing about being a published author?

Learning to graciously accept praise. It's not that I'm ungracious, but I'm an introvert. When strangers come to tell you how much they love your book most would beam and say thank you. Not me, I draw a line in the dirt, drop my head and hunch away. I'm learning how to fight that impulse and just smile and say thank you.

I have a feeling you'll fall into it better than you think:) Give it another book or two. Okay, now for the important questions.

Elvis Presley or Justin Bieber? 

Elvis, baby, he was the king of hot! I used to watch his movies on the Saturday matinees when I was a kid. Loved the King.

You said it! Robert Redford or Brad Pitt?
Brad all the way. I never could stand RR. Don't know why. Maybe it was the hair. The strawberry blond male never did it for me. lol.

Okay, those are fighting words. Robert Redford is my dream guy. If your book wasn't so amazing, I'd have to hurt you! LOL! Just kidding (kind of).

Bahahaha, that's what makes us all so different. In all honesty I think my dislike for him came from my Momma making me watch his movies at a time when all I wanted to watch was Johnny Depp on 21 Jumpstreet. lol. Now there is a man that makes me shiver. I know, gross right? lol

No, not at all. I was a Johhny Depp/21 Jumpstreet fan myself. Okay, you're totally redeemed.

I hope you've brought along your book blurb and an excerpt.

It's an empath thing...
Using your "powers" to help the Dark Hills Police Department hunt down serial killers doesn't leave much time for dating. Not that Piper Anast is complaining. The last thing she needs is some guy brushing up against her and pumping his pornographic thoughts into her head.
When she meets Bennett Slade, a sexy, tormented vampire, Piper stumbles headlong into a telepathic connection with his missing daughter. She can't leave the kid to the evil surrounding her unwanted visions, nor can she resist her draw to Slade. He's the first guy she's been able to touch vision-free in, well, forever.
As she and Slade close in on the evil creature holding his daughter, Piper's powers morph into a deadly fury. To save Slade's daughter-and herself-Piper must face down demons she never knew she had and trust the one thing she keeps from everyone.
Her heart.

I climbed the stairs two at a time and at the top, he glanced over my shoulder. “Alone. Sorry, man, it can only be the two of us. Your energy could mess with the magic.”
“I...very well.” Slade’s mouth curled into a frown, he hesitated at the three steps up and turned with a snarl. His neck tensed, the muscles knotting under his shirt. So, he didn’t like the thought of me up here with Luke alone, well good.
We entered the bedroom Luke used. He ripped the comforter and sheets from the bed. “Lay down.”
“Look, this goes a lot smoother if you quit asking the infuriating questions, which by the way make you sound like a moron, and just do what I say.”
Immediate rage, a rage I couldn’t control leapt from my skin and knocked him against the closed door. I held him pinned, levitating a foot from the floor. He gasped while I forced my energy into him.
He gritted an incantation. The energy shifted on me. The return blast lifted me up, launching me the last few feet to the bed. Air burst from my lungs on the landing. His body followed the energy, covering me with his weight.
“Learn how to control yourself, or I will teach you how to in a way you won’t like. I will not tolerate your abuse anytime you get pissed at me. It’s going to happen and unlike Slade, I will not temper my words.”
I panted from the exertion and the raging anger at having my power used on me. “Get off me. I don’t like to be touched.”
“Maybe you haven’t been touched by the right person--yet.”

Okay, I'm hooked. Thank you so much for stopping by today. Congrats on the new release and wishing you many more. For those of you who were hooked after reading the excerpt, here's the buy link:


  1. I'm looking forward to Book Two!

    And 5 Stars to Piper's Fury!

  2. I must admit, I'd go with Elvis, Robert, Brad, AND Johnny Depp in 21 Jumpstreet.

    I read Piper's Fury and am anxiously awaiting the sequel!

  3. Susan, you are back with a vengeance. Didn't I just wave at you? Lol.

    Traci, your support means so much! Thanks, bunches!

  4. What a great interview you guys! I find it hard to accept praise for my work too. Which is weird, we've worked so hard on it. I too, am learning to just say "why thank you" and not coil away.