Thursday, May 5, 2011


Happy Friday! Help me give a big shout out the Elaine Cantrell. She’s answering my Fab Five questions today. Welcome, Elaine. Let’s get right to it. What’s your favorite Disney Movie? Definitely Beauty and the Beast.  It’s such a beautiful love story.  It’s filled with conflict and obstacles for the hero and heroine to overcome which they do in spectacular fashion.  The music’s great too.

Loved Beauty and the Beast. Just watched it with my son last weekend. Who’s your favorite villain either from a book or a movie?  My favorite villain is my own Travis Abercrombie who’s the brother of my hero in my Wings novel The Welcome Inn.  Travis blackmailed the mayor and ended up the town pariah but was redeemed and grew into a really nice guy.  He almost took over the novel, but I managed to keep him in check.  I wish I’d written a separate book about him, but by the time I realized how good a subject he’d be, I’d already redeemed him.  No conflict, no book.

Oh rats! Well, maybe you could have him “fall back into his old ways”… Just a thought. Where’s the one place you’d love to visit?  I’d like to drive down the Pacific Coast Highway in California and continue until I reached Canada.  I’ve seen a small part of this area, and it’s beautiful.

Where’s the one place you’d love to live?  Banner Elk, North Carolina is pretty close to paradise as far as I’m concerned.  We go there every year in June to enjoy the weather and the mountains.  We’ve often seen wild bears there.  Once from our balcony we saw a mama bear and three cubs.  Of course, it does get cold in the winter…

Who’s the one person you’d love to meet?  I’d like to meet Stephenie Myers and talk about the Twilight series.  I want her to finish writing Midnight Sun.

Shhh…don’t tell my daughter, but I’ve never read the Twilight series. I did, however, read her book The Host and I loved the concept but more so how she said she came up with it in the car while driving. I’m so glad you came by to see my again, Elaine. This has been fun and I hope everyone will hop over to the Astraea Press website and grab a copy of your book A New Dream. Hurry up! From now until Monday you can use the code CELEBRATEMOM on the Astraea Press Website  for an additional 15% off.

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  1. I can definitely see the appeal of Banner Elk! I just spent last weekend in the Great Smoky Mountains, which is connected to Pisgah and Roane State Parks. All the small cities and towns in that area are adorable, and I hope to settle down in one of those little mountain towns!