Monday, March 14, 2011

Welcome Chynna Laird

I want to welcome fellow Astraea Press author Chynna Laird on my blog today. She's here to showcase another wonderful cover by our amazing cover artist, Elaina Lee.

Chynna, your book cover is awesome!
What does it say about your book? It says that are dark issues we face on our life's journey but that each of us has something positive to turn to in tough times to get us through. Payton, the main character in my book, is surrounded by untreated mental illness, drug abuse and chaos but instead of becoming a statistic, he turns to his gift of music. I love how the piano appears to have a light shining on it.

What special feature does it point to that tells the reader to snatch this up right away to read? The black lacquered grand piano and the blackbirds. Oops! That's two! The piano is a central part of the story. It symbolizes where Payton's courage and strength to go on come from. The blackbirds hint to the strong Beatles reference in this story.

What was your first impression of your book cover when you saw it? I actually teared up. The cover artist captured exactly what I'd hope to in the cover. In fact, I thought the cover gave a wonderful little synopsis of my book. The artist is a gifted talent indeed. 

Can you tell us about your cover artist? Her web page link? Absolutely! My cover artist is Elaina Lee. She is an author and artist working with Astraea Press in creating beautiful covers like mine. Her website is Not only is she talented but she's super sweet too. She will go far, I'm sure.
If your book was made into a movie - what actress would you want to play your heroine? I really like Ellen Page from 'Inception'. She's pretty close to the 'Alicia Silverstone' type I described her as in my book.
If your book was made into a movie - what actor would you want to play your hero? Michael Pitt would be a great fit. So would Jason Gordon-Levitt. But the actor I envision would have to be dark super tall and lanky. But he's also brooding at first so I'm sure any of the hot young actors from the vampire shows would be good too. ;)

COOL! I'm very intrigued by the cover, now I'm dying to know more. Can you share the book blurb with us?

Fifteen year-old Payton MacGregor is a musical prodigy. To him, though, his music is merely a way for him to escape from the chaos that surrounds him. All of his life, he’s had to care for his mother, who copes with her bipolar disorder with booze instead of turning to her own musical talents. He refuses to become a statistic. Then he’s thrown a curve ball.

His mother suddenly dies, leaving him to be cared for by his aging grandparents.  As much as they love him, they decide to send him halfway across Canada to live with his father, Liam—the man Payton always believed abandoned him and his mother. Payton isn’t making the relocation easy on anyone until he finds out he's going to attend the prestigious School of the Arts for musically gifted youth. Any second thoughts he has about his new life are erased when he meets Lily Joplin. Their connection is instantaneous.

Lily is a talented singer, but her struggles with drugs and bipolar disorder hit too close to home for Payton’s comfort. And when her issues become all-consuming for Payton, he wonders if his music will be enough to carry him through.

Congrats on the new release! Blackbird Flies looks and sounds amazing! Chynna will be back to visit my blog when her books releases. I can't wait!


  1. Sounds like a truly wonderful story! I can't wait to curl up with this one.

  2. Thanks so much for having me and my book on here, Kim. Can't wait to come back after Blackbird Flies is released! =)

    And thanks for visiting, Kay! =D


  3. This story sounds fabulous! And it has some of my favorite elements! And the first thing I thought of when I saw the title was the song Blackbird by the Beatles (LOL).

  4. Beautiful cover, and the story sounds good.

  5. I'm so glad you all stopped by to support Chynna! Ur the greatest:)

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  7. (Oopsys...let's try this again! LOL!)

    Hi! Thanks so much to everyone for commenting and your interest in the book! I'm SO excited to join the fabulous team at Astraea. And are very perceptive! ;D

    I love this totally depicts what's between the covers. And I'm so grateful to Elaina for her talents.


    PS: Thanks for this, Kim!!

  8. Love the cover--perfect the story you described!