Friday, March 18, 2011


Happy Friday everyone! I hope it's a good one. I'm very sorry about the late post. I had technical difficulties.

Since I ask you all to share a listening to your inner voice moments last week I thought I’d share one of my own this week.

In February 2007, after dealing with an extremely high/irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure for several years with no answer as to why,  the new cardiologists I found scheduled a heart cath. It’s a procedure where they make an incision in your thigh and run a camera up to your heart to take a look and make sure everything’s okay.
Three days before my procedure I got this awful, sinking feeling in my stomach. It was like someone was whispering in my ear not to have the test done. At first, I thought it was nerves, but as the day went on the feeling got worse. I called and canceled the appointment. My husband was angry, the nurse was upset. She told the doctor and HE called me himself telling me that as fast as my heart was beating and with my high blood pressure I was a walking time bomb and I needed to have the procedure done.
I stood firm.
My husband even played the parent card and called my mom and dad. I didn’t care.
Three days later (coincidence? I think not) I woke up in unbearable pain. My son took me to the ER where I almost died. My gallbladder was ready to explode. It was twice as big as it should have been. It was infected and the infection was running wild through my body. So much so that the doctors made me take four different antibiotics for a week before they would try to operate.
After the surgery to remove my gallbladder I went back to see the cardiologist. He told me how glad he was I didn’t listen to him because had he performed the heart cath he most definitely would have hit my gallbladder, possibly rupturing it and killing me before he realized what happened!
Was someone watching out for me? I'd like to think so. No, take that back. I KNOW so.
What about you?
I’d love to hear similar stories from you so feel free to post and share with us.

As usual, feel free to ask Zanna a question and she'll use Tarot cards to offer you an answer.

I'm also still holding a weekly contest. Each week, starting February 25 and running every Friday in March, one poster will be randomly chosen to receive a PDF copy of my novella WAYWARD SOUL and a set of their very own Tarot cards!!
As an added bonus - the person who leaves the most comments during those 5 Friday's will receive a copy of Sylvia Browne's CONTACTING YOUR SPIRIT GUIDE and, of course, a PDF copy of my book!

Can't wait to hear your stories!! I'll turn it over to Zanna now.

Thank you, Kim. I hope to hear a great many stories from our readers! I do have a very special card for you all today.


The Nine of Cups is called the “wish come true” card and that’s just what it is. The Universe knows what we want, or more importantly what we need, even before we do and provides it. Savor the moment and enjoy. Need I say more?

DISCLAIMER: For entertainment purposes only.


  1. Kim, I had a similar experience, but it was with my younger daughter, not me. She's always had medical issues growing up and one of the ones that is chronic is encopresis where she gets severe constipation. One time a couple of years ago, she was having a terrible time with it and she had missed a lot of school (for other reasons) so when I called her pediatrician's office to get them to excuse another absence for her, the pediatrician got on the phone (which she rarely did) to tell me that my daughter should be fine to go to school the next day - in other words, she wasn't writing another note.

    Next day, my daughter gets up, she looks horrible, I get this feeling and I tell her she's not going to school, but I'm taking her up to the Emergency Room. Turns out, she was impacted so bad that the feces had caused an obstruction that had to be manually removed (no surgery, thank heaven). The worst part of it was, the ER doctor said if I had waited another hour to bring her in, she would have died. And her pediatrician had cleared her to go to school that day!

    Zanna, I think this might be my favorite card, because I feel like my wishes are starting to come true - slowly, but it's a start! I have a lot of opportunities coming my way lately. How do I know/decide if they are right for me?


  2. Oh, my - I just realized that I dropped the "g" from my name! Guess it's time to get a new laptop so I can see what keys I'm typing!

    Also, I received my Tarot cards the other day and they're so cool! Thanks again for them!

  3. Recieved my tarot cards today!! I am going to start using them tonight and I can't wait.
    One of my experiences with inner voice was when I was having my second child. I became very ill. I was in so much pain, many x-rays performed and in need of a blood transfusion and through all this we had no idea I was pregnant. It was a couple of months before we realized I was. I'm not usually afraid of medical procedures. My blood levels were so low I was at shock levels but for some reason a strong sense of danger came over me and I refused to have one. The doctor became so frustrated with me because we went on for days with him demanding that I have one but I wouldn't budge. I was tested daily. He went so far as to threaten that if I went one more test and I didn't improve he would take the decision out of my hands. We took the test and it showed improvement. Well,
    I found out I was pregnant and eight years later I was sitting by my radio listening to the news when the station broadcasted about the same hospital I belonged to had lost their first nurse to aids. She contracted it through a transfusion the same year I was to have mine. Did I beleive an Angel was watching over me? Absolutely! I had no idea I was pregnant at the time and I new my condition was serious but I was not afraid to say no. The broadcast shook me. My heart went out to the woman and I felt guilty for surviving and she didn't. I still think about her and what happened but I'm soooo hapy I made the decision that I did.

  4. YESSSSS!!!! My post went through!! Husband worked on our computer and for now it works.
    Zanna, May I ask that you pull a card for me?
    Issues are still ongoing and they have stepped up a bit I am in need of a boost!!!
    Thank you,

  5. I'm so glad you came back, Margay. I'm so sorry for the late reply. Having technical difficulties with my internet connection. Hopefully, it's fixed.

    WOW. What an amazing story. How scary. I'm so glad you listened to your feeling and saved your daughter.

  6. Hey, Kim, don't worry about it - I understand about technical difficulties, believe me! And I'm glad I listened to my gut, too. When I think of what might have happened if I'd sent my daughter to school that day, it makes me scared - and angry.

  7. Thank you, Margay. I bet! I'd be angry and upset too. I guarantee that doctor would have gotten a piece of my mind.

    I apologize to you and Louise. Zanna has tried several times now to post answers for you and google just keeps saying that there's been unusual activity and to try later. If it persists, you girls may get emails from me instead.

  8. So sorry it took me so long to answer, Margay. I deeply appologize.

    I'm so glad you like this weeks card. It is my favorite as well. To go along with it, your card is the Ten of Pentacles. A card that gives a straightforward answer to your question indeed.

    We see an older gentleman with a happy couple watching as he bounces a baby on his knee. This is about family and friends and making a decision that still allows you to put your family and friends, as well as your own happiness, first. I see you working at home on a project you are very happy about and you chosing a position or having a position that allows you time to vacation with your family, spend time with them, as well as time to focus on your passion. You have several wonderful choices in front of you, but one will stand out above the rest as the one that is best as far as your personal relationships go and to help you further your dreams. This card is about a man (or woman) looking back with fondness knowing he accomplished his dreams and still put his family first. Weigh all the choices in front of you and you'll know the best one. I can tell you that the best choice involves something that allows your creative juices to flow.

  9. Louise, I'm so sorry I didn't get back to you sooner and I'm so sorry that things aren't getting better.

    I have drawn the Major Arcana card The Lovers for you. I see you suffering through unavoidable consequences or circumstances (probably as a result of another), but you will do the right thing and eventually, the situation will be corrected or you will remove yourself from the situation.

    Don't let this card or the answer cause you to lose hope. The Lover card reminds us that we're never alone and that we are strong enough to face whatever we are faced with. Much more so because this is a Major Arcana card. A very strong card. This card is telling you you can transcend this difficult situation and that you will triumph in the end, even if you feel you're losing.

    More importantly, it reminds us to focus on what's truly important. The positive things in our lives. When we focus on the positive in one area, it carries over into all other aspects and brings about good things all around. Don't lose faith. The Universe will take care of you.

  10. WOW, Louise. What an awesome story as well. Kudos to you for standing up to a doctor who was trying to intimidate you.

    Again, I'm sorry for the technical difficulties this weekend with Zanna. Google decided it didn't like her for some reason and it took awile to get her up.

  11. Zanna, this is amazing because one of the projects (and it's a big one) that I am contemplating is a venture that involves my mother and one of my daughters that we hope to have up and running by this summer.

  12. WOW, Margay! That is amazing since I kept seeing summer and family. The Universe is definitely talking to you and you are going to be successful:)