Friday, March 11, 2011


Happy Friday everyone! I hope it's a good one. Zanna is back to visit up. YIPPEE! We thought we'd do something a little different today.

Zanna was a spirit guide for more than 2000 years. Spirit guides are those "little voices" we hear in the back of our heads or those "gut instincts" we feel that tell us to do or not do something. We'd like to hear if some of you have experienced one or both of these sensations that have saved you from an accident or just caused you to be at the right place at the right time.

As usual, feel free to ask Zanna a question and she'll use Tarot cards to offer you an answer.

I'm also still holding a weekly contest. Each week, starting February 25 and running every Friday in March, one poster will be randomly chosen to receive a PDF copy of my novella WAYWARD SOUL and a set of their very own Tarot cards!!
As an added bonus - the person who leaves the most comments during those 5 Friday's will receive a copy of Sylvia Browne's CONTACTING YOUR SPIRIT GUIDE and, of course, a PDF copy of my book!

Can't wait to hear your stories!! I'll turn it over to Zanna now.

Thank you, Kim. I hope to hear a great many stories from our readers! I do have a very special card for you all today.

The Star card is all about hope and wishes being granted.  This is a very positive card indicating blessings and inner peace but requires positive action on our part. To view stars we look upward into the heavens so this card can also remind us to never give up but we can give UP (as in we give up to a higher power).  As I always, I encourage you take the time to reflect on this card and see what inspiration you have for how it can help you.
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  1. Thanks for holding this, Kim! :) Thanks for being here Zanna. :)

    I have a question. I would like to know what the next six months holds for me.

    Thanks again,

  2. Kim and Zanna,
    Good to have back. Decided to stop over and say hi! I'm in the middle of reading Karen Marie Moning's Shadowfever and the MC in it had some tarot cards given to her (LOL) then thought I'd come over to see what you drew for everyone.

    Hoping this is the year I finally land an agent, any insight?

  3. Welcome, Isabelle, I'm so happy you stopped by. What a great question and I think you'll be pleased with the answer:)

    Your card is the Seven or Rods. When you first look at the card you see a soldier using his rod to push back the other rods coming at him. This might seem to indicate struggles and strife, but in reality, the warrior is standing over his opponents forcing them back! He has no doubt he'll succeed.

    Sevens denote a period of introspect and/or gain through things that come unexpectedly. Combine that with rods which indicate that conditions are in the beginning stages or the first realm of development and we see you having a successful few months ahead.

    What I see more than anything, though, is an emotional success, spiritual success. I see a possible vacation with loved ones or family or maybe just a very special outing or weekend. I see finiancial success, but I see love and loved ones being made a priority.

    The main thing is see is that you will receive a lot more satisfaction through self-improvement rather than trying to change external conditions. As you grow emotionally and spiritually, everything else around you will fall into place making for a wonderful 2011!

  4. Hello, Miss Rebekah! I'm so glad you came to visit.

    To answer you're question - YES! There was nothing but a positive Yes from the cards and that's wonderful.

    You're card is the Ace of Wands. Aces fortell the dawn of a new beginning or a new "partnership". And ones indicate that a situation is about to begin. I see you working with a new business partner or a new business partnership forming. I think that is a pretty positive answer!!

    Just remember. The Universe is telling you "YES" but you still have to do the leg work to make it happen. If you never send out a letter to inquire about an agent, or make a phone call, or research on agents that are taking on new clients, you won't be successful. It all boils down to work on your part. But if you do the work - you'll reap the rewards:)

  5. Okay, this is going to sound funny, but it's ironic that the Ace of Wands was drew because the book I just finished writing has a fairy godmother in it (LOL).

    Thanks for the reading...

  6. Thank you, Zanna. Interesting answer given my grown son and his family just moved in with us to get back on their feet again. The last time they moved in with us, it didn't go very well. We are all working on making it a better experience this time. I see success. :)


  7. Rebekah, you're very welcome and perhaps it's a sign you aught not ignore:)

    Isabelle, I see success as well:) I just kept seeing family and harmony - with you in the center as the one setting the example.

  8. Hi Kim & Zanna,
    I have a question, too. :-)

    Am I on the right track?

  9. love the star card! i have had numerous experiences with that sixth sense - i always regret it when i don't listen.

  10. Thank you so much for stopping by, Melissa.

    The King of Pentacles literally jumped out of the deck as I was shuffling so I took that as a sign it was the card for you. The court cards generally indicate persons/personalities/individuals so it's a great card to help answer your question:)

    This is a person that is very menal, versatile, studious, curious, enterprising, skillful, energetic, and changeable. A person who would be good at writing, directing, lecturing, dealing with the public at large. Can do two or more jobs at once.

    At this time, your focus should be on communication, expansion, and mental absorption. I see you completing a project only to turn around and move full swing into the next one. So if you're in the middle of anything that involves paperwork be it writing, drawing, journal-keeping, or books, you're definitely on the right track because all roads point to this being your area of knowledged and know-how. But more important, it's what makes you happy.

    Be patient, persistent, and diligent in your efforts - you're on the right track and success will come:)

  11. Theresa, thank you so much for stopping by. Yes, we tend to not listen to our inner voice as much as we should.

    I drew a card for you and it's the High Priestess. What an amazing card! The focus is on positive and negative polarities. Meaning, you have to take the good with the bad and learn from it all. She is also letting you know good things come to those who wait so during the waiting period you'll see partial success, but you have much more to accomplish and look forward to:)

  12. Louise is still having problems posting, so she sent me an email and asked that I submit it for her so she could be included in the weekly drawing. Here's her post:

    I won't claim to be psychic but that sixth sense mostly kicks in when something is about to go wrong. I'll know what it's going to be about but it just bugs me I can never see a direction or a way to prevent harm. It's easy to believe you're sent messages for good reason but harder to hear what to do with it .

    I don't really have a question for there are too many in my head jockeying for first place so I'm just asking for a card for wisdom and guidance!!!


    Thank you, Louise, and I'm so sorry that you couldn't post on the blog. Here's your card:

    The Three of Cups

    When we look at the card, we see three maidens dancing and drinking. It's a reminder that life goes on and that we can only control ourselves and must look at the world like it's a big, inviting party.

    Remember not to be oversensitive,overreaactive, and overemotional - but you do want to share your feelings and talk about what's bothering you with others. This card is to remind us that we're never truly alone.

    Keep a visual of this card in your mind. It reminds us that we need to look forward and that no matter how bad things seem or are - they WILL get better. Great improvements will be made in many areas through your decisive action and any strife you may have suffered in the past is going to end:)

  13. Yay! Another day with Zanna :-)

    So my question today is, when I was a young girl I received a reading from a preacher who read a deck of playing cards. I can only remember one thing from that reading and it is true - but, he didn't tell me if I would act on it and be happier if I did.

    What card do you pull for me today?


  14. Interesting question, Melinda. I've used playing cards as well and they are just as acurate.

    Your card is the Nine of Pentacles. Without even delving into much of the meaning, just looking at the illustration give you your answer. We have a maiden with a falcon on her arm. Her other hand reaching out to touch it. She isn't content just to know that the falcon is sitting on her arm, she wants to go further, feel it, touch it.

    The same is true with you. unless you make a move, follow through, or act on it, you will be unfulfilled and always wonder "what if?". This is more about your inner feelings and less about whether you succeed or not. It's about how you'll feel if you don't even try - will you be okay with that or will you regret it later and need to "go for it" like the maiden (which, I suspect, is why he never told you if you would act on it or not - he knew it was a decision that couldn't be made until now).

  15. Hey Kim and Zanna,
    This is my first ever reading..i'm a bit excited. ;)

    My question is.. Will things get any better for my family and I?


  16. Hi, this is my first time here, and yes my life was saved by listening to my guide's warning. I was driving on an ice packed road when someone yelled 'stop' (but I was alone in the car) At first I ignored it, but did slow down and had time to reverse back far enough to safety when an oncoming car lost control and would have rammed the drivers side of the car if I'd ignored the warning.
    Like Melissa my question, please, is 'am I on the right track?'
    Thank you.

  17. This card is rather ironic for me, as I am going to be writing about the 1960s space program for an anthology I'm doing with my two blog buddies!

  18. Hi Stacey! I'm so glad you stopped by and I'm so sorry things are difficult for you and your family at this time.

    Your card is the Two of Swords. The picture on the card is very emotional and overwhelming. A maiden sits in a boat, blindfolded, arms crossed over her heart with a sword in each hand. Behind her, there is a vicious storm that is causing the water to swirl and waves to crash against the shore. Very powerful scene and very illustrative of the strife I see you've struggled with.

    The good news is that the storm is behind the maiden, but she's too afraid to let her guard down and relax her arms, letting the swords fall.

    BUT...she is moving forward, just cautiously. She is the epitome of someone with blind faith.She doesn't look back, doesn't even want to see what she's left behind, she is just certain that she's headed for much "calmer waters" - and she has faith enough in that to leave the blindfold on.

    The main message is - don't be afraid to ask for help and don't be afraid to take a chance. Don't be afraid to give it to the Universe and say "lead the way".

    The maiden still has obstacles to face, but the worst is behind her - have trust that you're success is at hand - not overnight, but it WILL happen. The worst is behind you, now be the positive voice to convince your family. You can do it!

  19. Sherry, I'm so glad you listened to your inner voice. WOW! That is very powerful.

    Your card is the Seven of Swords. The illustration shows a theif stealing five swords, but leaving two behind. It's a powerful lesson for us not to cheat ourselves. Or sell ourselves short.

    You are on the right path, although this card points to the fact that you may be putting a lot of time and energy into one area (it appears to be business or something work related rather than family, friends). This is leading to you "missing out on" or "leaving behind" some other important area of your life (much like the thief leaving behind the two swords). When we aren't balanced, we feel that we are off track. Slow down, reassess, and gain balance and you'll see that you are right where you're supposed to be:)

  20. Margay, I'm so glad you came back:) And congratulations on winning the contest last week!

    Your books sound wonderful! What a great concept.

    I drew a card for you just for fun. It's the Page of Wands. I see this anthology being very lucrative for you!! The Page of Wands indicates a time frame of November/December. Not sure if this is when your book will come out, but I see a definite upswing to your career then:)))

  21. Thank you, Zanna! And I'm excited about the win last week - I'm watching your posts so I can learn how to use the tarot cards! I like the idea of November - that's my birthday month!

  22. Hi Zanna & Kim! I feel particularly drawn to the card on today's post. It gave ma a great deal of hope. My question today is this: will my new release, BEYOND A HIGHLAND WHISPER be a hit with readers? Whatcha think?

  23. Welcome Maeve! I'm so glad you like my card of the day. Congratulations on your new release.

    Your card is the World card. This is an awesome card to get. It's a Major Arcana, so it's extremely strong. The card shows a woman sitting on top of the world. That woman is you, Miss Maeve!! You will receive great praise for your book and gain positive rewards for your hard work. You will feel like you have the world in the palm of your hand!!

  24. Hi Kim and Zanna.
    Thanks for the invite to come check out your blog.

    I have so much going on in my head right now it was hard to focus on one question. However, I did come up with one of the questions that is sitting heavy on my mind.

    Will I be able to keep the house and still be able to do what I need to financially as regards my son.

  25. Zanna, thank you very much for your reading. I can understand the meassage completely, and will take heed and heart from the meassage :-)

  26. Thank you for stopping by, Alexis. I feel your frustration and pain. I hope your card, the Six of Wands, helps.

    When we look at the card, we see a knight riding into a beautiful sunset, a smile on his face. The victory won. You are on the right track. A couple of things, make sure to take care of your own health. The Universe has special plans for you and I see you succeeding in all areas, especially your family. The other thing is, your son will be fine because his life is filled with love and hope because of you. I don't see you having to sell your home, but you may decide to sell at a later date. Not necessarily, but I see the choice being totally up to you! You're on the right track - just keep looking to the sun.

  27. I'm so glad, Sherry:) I hope you come back and see us.

  28. Thank you, Zanna. You have no idea how much this means to me. I lost my husband three weeks ago and have been battling with all the decisions that go along with the loss of a partner. This gives me hope.

  29. Oh, Alexis, I feel for you. How sad. That does explain why I was being given the message for you to not neglect yourself. Rest assured, you are doing the right things and you will make the right decisions.

  30. Thank you so much Zanna, my family and i can now look forward to the future without too much worry. :)

  31. Hi Zanna, I hope you're still listening :) I have a very big decision to make over the next few days, but I'm afraid of the change AND of my family not supporting my decision. Can you give me any insight?

  32. You are very welcome, Stacey:) I hope you'll come back to visit.

  33. Hello Zanna! I love your blog. I'm a member of Savvy Authors and have followed you here.

    I dabble with Tarot myself, along with psychic/mediumship. I don't tell too many people. I'm a bit shy about it. :)

    I look forward to reading your posts. Have a great day!

  34. Welcome, Amber! I'm so glad you stopped by. I'm so glad that you dabble in the Tarot. Don't be shy! I see a very intuitive person in you, or I should say, the cards are telling me you're very intuitive.

    I drew the Page of Cups for you. This generally represents a person who is very intuitive, reflective, sensitive, and psychic - just to name a few traits. It appears you were drawn to the Tarot for a good reason. You have a very strong third eye. Do you often have dreams that you later see coming true? Experience deja vu frequently? Don't be shy about your gift. You have a great ability waiting to come out:)))

  35. Hello, Renee. I am most definitely still listening. I am sorry, but I had difficulty getting your answer to post.

    WOW! You are most certainly at a crossroads and I hope your card, the Three of Rods, will help.

    We see a man standing on a shore watching ships return to harbor. When we think of ships we think of trade, as in import/export, possible move, or trip. So I see a lot of activity in your near future. You will be "negotiating a trade", moving in a new direction in more ways than one. I also see things moving in a positive direction for you.

    Continued on next comment:)

  36. Continued for Renee:

    You mention worry about your family not supporting your decision and this card does illustrate a man by himself. I see a lot of concern from those close to you. Not necessarily them being unsupportive, but worried and their doubt weighing on you. But like the man, you need to stay focused ahead. You are in a transition stage and the decision is yours. You're ready. Although your family/friends may have valid concerns, there are pros and cons with any decision we make.

    I do see a new partnership being established with a successful conclusion being reached all then all apprehensions will be dissolved:)))