Friday, March 25, 2011


I have thoroughly enjoyed having Zanna visit and share her insight with everyone. It's is amazing how dead-on so many of her answers were!

I do want to apologize for the technical difficulties I had with my blog last week that prevented me from posting like I should have. Let's keep our fingers crossed that this week is smoother.

This is the last week for a lucky poster to win a deck of Tarot cards and PDF copy of Wayward Soul. I'll also be announcing on Monday who the winner of  Sylvia Browne's book Contacting Your Spirit Guide is. I've had so much fun and I'm so glad all of you have stopped by to visit:)

Okay, Zanna, it's your last card you'll be drawing for us. Make it a good one.

Thank you, Kim. I've had so much fun and I loved hearing the great examples of listing to your inner voice from the posters Margay and Louise last week! How amazing. Thank goodness you girls listened!

Yes, I have picked a wonderful card for this week.

The wheel of fate is neverending. What goes up, must come down. Much like riding a ferris wheel.  Change is inevitable, but that doesn't mean it has to be bad.  You may not be able to control karma, but you can control your attitude about change and tip the scale in your favor with a positive outlook. I can't wait to hear from you today and thank you for coming by and sharing with me.


Disclaimer: for entertainment purposes only.


  1. Hey, ladies! I've had a great time reading these posts and learning more about the Tarot. I'm always looking to become more in tune with my intuition and to interpret the signs the Universe sends out, so this has been quite the experience - I wish it could go on forever!

    Zanna, here's a more practical question for you. I have been without a car for a year now, during which time my older daughter has had to beg for rides back and forth to college (an hour and a half away) and my younger daughter has been hospitalized three times, twice at a hospital 20 minutes away, once in Boston, the last time being for surgery on her back (she had rods put in from shoulder to hops for scoliosis), but somehow, we managed to get through it. What I wonder is this: Will the situation with the car be resolved soon? My daughter has two years of college left and I really want to be able to provide a reliable ride for her. Plus my younger daughter is constantly going to the doctor, so transportation is a real issue.

  2. I have the offer of a promising new partnership endeavor - will we be great? Or will we be better than great??? ;-)

  3. Hi Zanna,
    I find the Tarot fascinating. It can really allow you to focus on your inner self and hear the answers your guides are trying to tell you. Most of the time.

    Unfortunately, my guides either aren't talking loud enough or I'm not listening well enough. :-) My question is monetary. Other than expected monies (tax return and royalties) when am I due for some serious funds heading my way?

  4. Hi, Margay. I'm so glad you came back. I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter. Sounds like she's a trooper just like her mom! I will warn you that your answer is in 2 posts!

    Your card is the Four of Swords. When we look at the card we see a knight on a marble table, hands rested in prayer. This indicates several things. First, a resting period or a time of meditation. Second, it's letting you know not to forget to take a breath, take a rest when you need it. Keep those things in mind. You're on fast forward so remember to go in slow motion a little.


  5. Margay continued:

    As for getting a car. Swords indicate that ideas, hopes, and dreams are about to be realized. Time wise, the minor arcana cards indicate a time that coincides with the card number. So since yours is a four, I think it could take as little as four weeks or as much as four months to get a car.

    Suggestion: Visualization is the best tool. Go test drive cars. See yourself behind the wheel. Call and check insurance prices. Remember, swords are action cards so don't just want a car, act as if you HAVE a car.

    Ask Kim about visualizing something you want. She and her husband were told they wouldn't have kids, but she saw him, knew what he looked like, and now has a bouncing 2 year old:)

  6. Hello, Miss Kay! Busy times for you.

    Your card is the Nine of Swords. Swords are our action cards and nines indicate that we've completed on phase and another one awaits. I see you being involved in contracts business documents and receiving money for something that involves paper. I also see this new idea or avenue that has come to the fore being an area of supreme success with substantial gain!! Wonderful times, indeed:) Good luck.

  7. Welcome, Francesca. I'm so glad you stopped by.

    Your card is the High Priestess. Major Arcana cards are the strongest in the deck. Her main message is be patient. Your finances will improve but not the way you might think. The High Priestess is the Queen of Mystery. She always like to leave you guessing. The reason for this is to remind us to give things over to the Universe and trust that all will be well.

    Major Arcana cards generally indicate a timeframe that is fairly soon. I'd say by the end of summer. But rather than a lump sum of money, I see circumstances changing to allow a freeing up of funds you have:) Doesn't mean you won't get more funds, just not as much physical money, more in other ways. Like I said, she's a Woman of Mystery.

  8. Zanna, you are amazing! i think you probably figured out from what I've told you that I do tend to be in fast forward a lot - which is not good for someone with Multiple Sclerosis. I often find myself wiped out by the afternoon if I push myself too hard in the morning. I guess I should take that time to visualize, huh?

    Zanna, I've enjoyed these posts so much. Is there somewhere we can keep up with you after this? I've learned so much, but I feel like there is so much more to learn and I am - and always have been - a very active student.

  9. Thanks Zanna. I appreciate the reading. As long as funding improves I call that a win - HOWEVER it happens. Grin.

  10. Hi Zanna! I've always been interested in the Tarot, especially the artwork on the cards. I've collected a few tarot decks, most recently one by Stephanie Pui-Mun-Law that's just gorgeous. Do you have a favorite deck that you use?

    I was also wondering...things are a little weird at my day job. Do you see me staying there?

  11. Cool!!! Zanna, hi and thank you for the reading. Someone asked about a new car purchase. I think I'll ask the same. What do you see in my near car buying future?


  12. Hi, I've already won and received my tarot cards!
    I'm putting together a plan on how to become better aquainted with my deck. I have other decks but each one has a different feel to them.
    The deck I received from you has a stronger feel than the others and I had to put it down for a bit. I will pick it up again when I'm more focussed.
    Today I'm just asking for Zanna to pick a card for me again. This has been a treat to look forward to every week. I hope this type of blog with Zanna will continue or repeat again.

  13. Zanna I've ejoyed your posts and comments.I also use and collect tarot cards. I only have 1 deck right now as I seem to gift decks to those I feel need one. My one deck I don't give away is my Arthorian deck. It's based on King Arthor's legion. Have you seen this deck. The imagery is beautiful. If you wish, you can pick a card for me and let me know what it says. I'm the type that perfers to let the cards decide what I need to know.
    G W Pickle

  14. You're so sweet, Marjay! Yes, I'm going to be posting an inspirational message hopefully daily on my twitter acct and my fb page. Kim has twisted my arm to come back and guest on the last Friday of Each month. Although truth be told, she didn't have to twist hard:)

    Here's my twitter:!/search/zannaszen

    here's my facebook:!/zannazen

  15. Welcome, PJ. I'm so glad you stopped by. I, too, have several different decks of Tarot cards. But my favorite is the Mary Hansen-Roberts deck. I love it. I'll definitely have to check out Stephanie's cards.

    WOW. I have an eerie feeling about this whole situation. Your card is the Ten of Swords and I feel as if it's truly showing what you're going through. I feel as if you're are being "stabbed in the back" much like the soldier with the ten swords embedded in back. This is really sad. I see things getting worse before they get better. The obstacles and adverse conditions seem to indicate that your position may not be stable. Minor Arcana cards indicate a time frame that corresponds with their number. So things will come to a head as early as the next 10 days or it could take up to 10 months, but I see things being settled with you job this year and all signs point to you looking elsewhere with less negative conditions. I'm sorry, but you'll know when you've had enough and you'll be ready to move on. Better things await you away from this bad situation:)

  16. Love the spelling Dyanne. Very Pretty.

    Your card is the King of Pentacles. Pentacles deal with money and the King indicates a time of May-June. If you're serious about buying a car be mindful of an opportunity that arises during that time. The King is a shrewd businessman and he looks for the best deal. he's patient and waits until just the right time. So be patient and give a couple months before you make a big purchase and you'll get a better price and a better car:)

  17. @moundsbar you are so sweet. Yes, I'll be visiting Kim's blog on the last Friday of each month:) I also agree with you about the strength behind the Hansen-Roberts deck. It's the one I use. I've actually corresponded with Ms. Hansen-Roberts and she's wonderful so it leads me to believe that her cards have picked up her charm because they are VERY strong.

    Your card is the Two of Cups. Cups are about emotions, love, affection. The illustration on the Two of Cups is two people in love. Is love in the air for you???? Either a reconnecting with the one you love or finding love. Is your annivesary coming up in the next couple of months or another special occasion. I see you being filled with love. Apart from the Nine of Cups, this is my favorite card in the deck. It shows you being happy, which is always a wonderful thing:)

  18. @G W, I'm so glad you stopped by. I have not seen the Arthorian deck but I LOVE Tarot decks so I will definitely check it out:) They are my one weakness and I love finding new ones.

    I rarely get such a strong, short answer when I just pick a card for someone, but when I picked your card, I got goosebumps. Your card is the Knight of Pentacles. The Knight cards are special in the deck because they indicate a situation that is starting or ending. This makes sense when you think about what a Knight does. They are men of action who either start wars or end wars, to generalize. (Usually it is at the order of a higher up, but they are the ones who do the work). They make quick decisions and they are fast on their feet, focused straight ahead. Clear as a bell the mesage I'm getting is follow your heart or your hunch. Do what feels right. Don't ignore your gut reaction. This message is loud and clear and I know you know what it means!!!

  19. Thank you Zanna, for the card and sharing your time with here! This was a fun and informative ride and I'm so glad you'll be back!!

    Have Hope and a Happy Spring to all!

  20. Zanna, I forgot to tell you that my signafier card is the Grail King or the King of cups. I'll see if I can post a picture of it if I can. Thanks for the reading. It is helpful.
    G W Pickle

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  22. @moundsbar, you are very welcome:) You as well!

    @G W, I'd love to see the card. If you can't post it here you can email it to me at or post it on my facebook page!/zannazen

  23. Wow! Thank you, Zanna! I've definitely had about all I can take. Time to update the resume and start searching! Thank you for the confirmation. :)

    I'll have to check out the Mary Hansen-Roberts deck. I'm always on the lookout for decks to add to the collection. :D

  24. P J, I'm so glad to have helped. Good luck and definitely check out the Hansen-Roberts deck.