Monday, March 28, 2011

Can You Spare a Dollar for Japan?

If you get a chance, check out L. K. Bellow's release to help Japan.

The entire world has been affected in some way by the terrifying events caused by the Sendai earthquake this past March. News stories continue to add more about these devastating events and the tenuous circumstances in Japan.

Upon being bombarded by these news stories, romance and speculative fiction writer L.K. Below could not bear to stand idle. Rather than indulge her feeling of helplessness, she did the only thing she knew how to do: she wrote. Two weeks after the Sendai disaster, the product is a short fantasy story called Collective Shivers.

Hailed by beta readers as an “out-of-world experience,” Collective Shivers contains an earthquake, a mysterious and resilient people, and one man who suddenly doesn’t feel up to scratch. Who knew that a people so outwardly unfeeling could have touched Gunnarr in such an emotional way?

More information about this story can be found at the author’s website, All proceeds from this book will be donated to the Red Cross foundation to help with relief efforts in Sendai and elsewhere as new tragedies unfold.

Book Blurb: A disaster falls.While Gunnarr of Maiores has never understood the Navuclur, he nonetheless is tasked with the duty of asking them for help. But no sooner does he start negotiations for a trade agreement than an earthquake hits the Navuclur capital.

Followed by another.

Gunnarr is astounded by the brisk acceptance with which the Navuclur assess the situation and start to work repairing it. Despite their habit of shielding their emotions, Gunnarr soon realizes that they are not the unfeeling people they pretend to be.

Who knew such a stoic people could have touched Gunnarr in such an emotional way?

So the real question is: Can you spare a dollar for Japan?  Here's the buy link for Collective Shivers

L. K. Bellows has set a goal of earning $10,000 for Japan and needs your help. I placed a counter at the top of my blog so we could watch her progress. Please pass this along on your twitter and facebook and ask all to share it.

Congratulations, Francesca Hawley

Francesca, you're the winner of the PDF copy of Wayward Soul and the deck of Tarot cards. Yippee! As always, I used to randomly select a winner. Fracesca, if you'll email me at I'll get you your prizes!

I hope you'll all come back and visit Zanna on the last Friday of April! This has been fun and I can't wait to have her back.

Also, it's time to announce the person who left the most comments over the last five weeks and so therefore the winner of the copy of Contacting Your Spirit Guide by Sylvia Browne. I've added up all the posts from everyone who posted and I have a tie for the most comments left.

Margay and Louise (who had issues posting for a couple of weeks but sent questions/comments to Zanna's email) left eight comments each. Thank you so much for your support, ladies. I will get your books in the mail to you!

Again, thank you to all for coming by and sharing and visiting with me and Zanna!


Friday, March 25, 2011


I have thoroughly enjoyed having Zanna visit and share her insight with everyone. It's is amazing how dead-on so many of her answers were!

I do want to apologize for the technical difficulties I had with my blog last week that prevented me from posting like I should have. Let's keep our fingers crossed that this week is smoother.

This is the last week for a lucky poster to win a deck of Tarot cards and PDF copy of Wayward Soul. I'll also be announcing on Monday who the winner of  Sylvia Browne's book Contacting Your Spirit Guide is. I've had so much fun and I'm so glad all of you have stopped by to visit:)

Okay, Zanna, it's your last card you'll be drawing for us. Make it a good one.

Thank you, Kim. I've had so much fun and I loved hearing the great examples of listing to your inner voice from the posters Margay and Louise last week! How amazing. Thank goodness you girls listened!

Yes, I have picked a wonderful card for this week.

The wheel of fate is neverending. What goes up, must come down. Much like riding a ferris wheel.  Change is inevitable, but that doesn't mean it has to be bad.  You may not be able to control karma, but you can control your attitude about change and tip the scale in your favor with a positive outlook. I can't wait to hear from you today and thank you for coming by and sharing with me.


Disclaimer: for entertainment purposes only.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why I'm a SUCKER for Joselyn Vaughn

WELCOME Joselyn Vaughn to my blog. She's here to share her beautiful cover and book cover for her March 29, 2011,  Astraea Press release Sucker for a Hot Rod. I'm so glad you stopped by.

What was your first impression of your book cover when you saw it?
I loved it.  I really liked the small town charm of the garage and that they got the car right.
I agree about the smalltown charm. I'm also amazed at how much the girl looks like YOU! (See picture below). Pull your hair back and the resemblance is amazing. WOW! Can you tell us about your cover artist? Her web page link?
Her name is Elaina Lee and she does all the cover art for Astraea Press. Check out the rest of the covers. They are amazing. Her website is

I certainly second that. Elaina is a genious. But your artwork's not too shabby either. The book trailer you made is great.

How did you come up with the idea for your book trailer?
I wanted to do one and was searching for images to use and came across the guy that was used in the cover, so then I started looking for the woman. I looked through pictures for a while and then had an epiphany.  (We get excited about really small things around here. LOL)  I could use the cover of the book and focus of different parts of it throughout the trailer. 
What special feature does it point to that tells the reader to snatch this up right away to read?
It highlights the focus on cars throughout the book.  The Datsun 240Z and the figure-eight race, especially.

What does your book trailer say about your book? 
I hope it says that these are interesting characters that you can’t wait to meet.
I definitely think it says that! Awesome job and congrats on the new release. Here's the book blurb to further wet everyone's appetite!
Bryce Halloway only dates a woman once. No exceptions.
It gives him the reputation of a heart-breaker, but he can handle that as long as it keeps his mother, Dinah, from trying to marry him off. Judi Montgomery and her tempting ponytail finagle their way around official dates with car problems and driving lessons. She worms her way into his heart and entices him to want more from his life.
When health issues causes his father to retire, Bryce inherits the family-owned tractor repair shop. Can Judi’s love and encouragement give him the courage to break tradition and pursue his dreams of owning a custom hot rod shop?

The book looks great, sounds great, and Joselyn Vaughn is great! I can't wait to read it. I'm so glad you stopped by and I hope you'll visit again soon.
Since Joselyn was kind enough to stop and visit me, I'm going to let her pick one lucky poster to receive a PDF copy of my new release Wayward Soul.
Don't forget to check out Joselyn's blog as well. Her links listed under her name on my blog roll.
About the author:
Joselyn lives in the Great Lakes State with her adoring husband, three energetic and ambitious toddlers, and two of the laziest beagles. She believe there is nothing better than a warm hug, a good romance novel and chocolate. When not changing diapers or removing a toddler from a precarious situation, she enjoy sewing, running, shopping at thrift stores, and reading books longer than thirty pages. She has two other published books: CEOs Don't Cry and Courting Sparks.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


CONGRATULATIONS, Elaine, on the release of A New Dream. I'm very happy for you. This book sounds amazing.


After an auto accident destroys his pro-football career, Matt McCallum struggles to find a new dream for his life, but nothing engages him the way football did. After a stint in rehab, he takes a job managing a grocery store where he meets Violet Emerson.

Violet works in the bakery department, but her dreams carry her far beyond the doors of Chef’s Pantry. As soon as she can save the money, she plans to open a catering business. And she thinks the new manager’s broad shoulders and blue eyes are simply divine.

Thrown together at work, Matt and Violet find a common dream for their lives, but a loose end from Matt’s past returns to jeopardize their future. Will love be enough to save their new dream before it turns into a nightmare?

Astrea Press definitely has another winner with Elaine Cantrell. Go check it out. Here are the buy link:

About the author:
I was born and raised in South Carolina where I obtained a master's degree in personnel services from Clemson University. I am a member of Alpha Delta Kappa, an international honorary society for women educators, Romance Writers of America, and EPIC authors. My first novel, A New Leaf, was the 2003 winner of the Timeless Love Contest. When I'm not writing or teaching, I enjoy gardening, quilting, reading, and collecting vintage Christmas ornaments. You can learn more about me at my web site or at my blog.

~Elaine Cantrell
Hopes. Dreams. Life...Love 

Friday, March 18, 2011


Happy Friday everyone! I hope it's a good one. I'm very sorry about the late post. I had technical difficulties.

Since I ask you all to share a listening to your inner voice moments last week I thought I’d share one of my own this week.

In February 2007, after dealing with an extremely high/irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure for several years with no answer as to why,  the new cardiologists I found scheduled a heart cath. It’s a procedure where they make an incision in your thigh and run a camera up to your heart to take a look and make sure everything’s okay.
Three days before my procedure I got this awful, sinking feeling in my stomach. It was like someone was whispering in my ear not to have the test done. At first, I thought it was nerves, but as the day went on the feeling got worse. I called and canceled the appointment. My husband was angry, the nurse was upset. She told the doctor and HE called me himself telling me that as fast as my heart was beating and with my high blood pressure I was a walking time bomb and I needed to have the procedure done.
I stood firm.
My husband even played the parent card and called my mom and dad. I didn’t care.
Three days later (coincidence? I think not) I woke up in unbearable pain. My son took me to the ER where I almost died. My gallbladder was ready to explode. It was twice as big as it should have been. It was infected and the infection was running wild through my body. So much so that the doctors made me take four different antibiotics for a week before they would try to operate.
After the surgery to remove my gallbladder I went back to see the cardiologist. He told me how glad he was I didn’t listen to him because had he performed the heart cath he most definitely would have hit my gallbladder, possibly rupturing it and killing me before he realized what happened!
Was someone watching out for me? I'd like to think so. No, take that back. I KNOW so.
What about you?
I’d love to hear similar stories from you so feel free to post and share with us.

As usual, feel free to ask Zanna a question and she'll use Tarot cards to offer you an answer.

I'm also still holding a weekly contest. Each week, starting February 25 and running every Friday in March, one poster will be randomly chosen to receive a PDF copy of my novella WAYWARD SOUL and a set of their very own Tarot cards!!
As an added bonus - the person who leaves the most comments during those 5 Friday's will receive a copy of Sylvia Browne's CONTACTING YOUR SPIRIT GUIDE and, of course, a PDF copy of my book!

Can't wait to hear your stories!! I'll turn it over to Zanna now.

Thank you, Kim. I hope to hear a great many stories from our readers! I do have a very special card for you all today.


The Nine of Cups is called the “wish come true” card and that’s just what it is. The Universe knows what we want, or more importantly what we need, even before we do and provides it. Savor the moment and enjoy. Need I say more?

DISCLAIMER: For entertainment purposes only.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I want to thank all of you for coming and playing with me and Kay for Wacky Writer Wednesday. It was a ton of fun and I hope some of you volunteer to come and be our "guest".

To make it fair, we took the posters from Kay's blog and mine and assigned numbers in order as follows:

1.       Joselyn
2.       Cheryl
3.       Barbara Westbrook
4.       Alice Abel
5.       Billie
Using, the winner is...
# 5 Billie
CONGRATULATIONS, BILLIE. If you'll send me an email at Kay will get you your necklace to you. 

 You all get a bow from both Kay and I for your creative words that you challenged us with. It was a blast come back and see us.

I hope to see you all here for my Zanna's Zen on Friday. What fun.
I want to say a special thanks to my compadre Kay for coming up with such an awesome idea and making a great sparring partner. My hat is off to you and if you haven't already, you definitely need to check out Kay's new release Heartsight. 


Tuesday, March 15, 2011



Happy Wacked Out Wednesday everyone! Today the plotter and the pantser face off in a writing smackdown! On my blog, I’m doing the “evil laugh” since Kay Springsteen is my “victim”—er uh I mean guest for the day. And I’m tickled to have her.  She's the author of the awesome Heartsight and, in my  opinion, the next Nicholas Sparks.

Over on Kay’s blog, dum dum dum, I’m her “prey”. We have challenged one another to a “plotting duel” of sorts. I’ll be posting three words in the comment section of my blog and Kay will come up with a plot revolving around those words. Kay will be doing the same for me on her blog. Posting three words for me and I’ll have to come up with a plot. This is going to be extremely interesting since Kay's is a plotter and I'm a pantser.  

Now, here’s where it get’s fun. We’d like everyone to leave a comment trying to stump us. You can post three of your own words that you’d like for us to use to come up with a creative plot. Or post a word for us to have to use along with the three we have!! We will then combine all the posts from mine and Kay’s blogs and use to pick one lucky winner of a beautiful heart choker necklace! There is one rule - your word/words can be edgy, but no cursing/cussing please. 

Let the fun begin. Welcome to my blog, Miss KayJ

I first learned I have the ability to tell a story when I was in the fifth grade. My parents had taken me on a trip to Des Moines, Iowa for my dad's Army Reunion. On the way home to Detroit, Michigan, my dad decided he didn't want to pay the toll through Chicago. You really had to be there during the several hours of being lost with my mom trying to read a map and my dad trying various side roads to get back to the Interstate to understand the hilarity. I wrote about the trip in such detail for my fifth grade What I Did Last Summer Essay on return to school in the fall, that my teacher moved me into the advanced English class. Later when my kids (four of them) were small, I told them a story off the top of my head one night when they couldn't settle for bed (and if you want to know what the story was about, pick up a copy of Heartsight because I used it in that book).

Later, we would tell stories around campfires and when we took vacations or long car rides. One day, we were exploring Maryland, after recently moving there, and in the little town of Mayo, on the Chesapeake Bay, we discovered a house, which we nicknamed Frankenhouse. Surrounded by black iron Gothic fences, the yard was filled with overgrown gardens, several large fountains in disrepair, and life-sized sculptures of people that looked like ancient marble but were likely just cement. The house itself looked like a combination of styles, with Victorian style turrets and towers, Greek pillars at the front door, and a widows walk on the roof. The house was interesting as it was...but there was a For Sale sign out front. One of my daughters asked, "Who would buy that ugly house?" I responded something about beauty being in the eye of the beholder, and the story was on. What if...the people buying the house saw ONLY WHAT THEY MOST LOVED ABOUT THE HOUSE? Say a family of four is going through, and the wife sees the perfect kitchen, the husband sees a wonderful lawn, the son sees the perfect media and game room, and the daughter sees a fabulous in-ground pool? Thus, they family is lured into buying the house and end up with this Beastly home....and they cannot leave. And maybe...the human sized statues in the yard....were the people who tried to leave and were turned to stone. Did I mention we listened to things like The Eagles Hotel California?

My debut novel, Heartsight, was the result of me deciding I wanted to write about a blind hero. I found my characters, the danger element of the story, and then I sat down and decided how they would all fit together from start to finish. As a plotter, I am not exactly traditional. I know the beginning and end and basically how I will get from start to finish, but I have been known to add and subtract things along the way. Still, my tendency to have that basic roadmap in place before I write has me falling on the side of the plotters.

I'm ready for my challenge!


Oh, I'm ready! The gloves are off! 


CONGRATS to Stephy Smith on the release of Lizzie and the Rebel Soldier. This bok is sure to be another homerun for Astraea Press:)

Orphaned at fifteen, Elizabeth George learned to protect herself and her ranch from ruffians trying to steal her part of the Rocky Mountains. Interrupted while tracking a mountain lion, she follows the smoke filled air to the half-frozen body of Frank Walling. Caring for the wounded confederate soldier, his demise stirred emotions Lizzie thought she was incapable of feeling.
Frank Walling fought for his beliefs during the Civil War. Wounded and half-frozen on the side of a mountain an angel appeared at his side. A new and difficult war of emotions boiled inside him. He determined he could not now, not ever—leave his angel unprotected on the mountain alone.

Available now at:

Monday, March 14, 2011

Welcome Chynna Laird

I want to welcome fellow Astraea Press author Chynna Laird on my blog today. She's here to showcase another wonderful cover by our amazing cover artist, Elaina Lee.

Chynna, your book cover is awesome!
What does it say about your book? It says that are dark issues we face on our life's journey but that each of us has something positive to turn to in tough times to get us through. Payton, the main character in my book, is surrounded by untreated mental illness, drug abuse and chaos but instead of becoming a statistic, he turns to his gift of music. I love how the piano appears to have a light shining on it.

What special feature does it point to that tells the reader to snatch this up right away to read? The black lacquered grand piano and the blackbirds. Oops! That's two! The piano is a central part of the story. It symbolizes where Payton's courage and strength to go on come from. The blackbirds hint to the strong Beatles reference in this story.

What was your first impression of your book cover when you saw it? I actually teared up. The cover artist captured exactly what I'd hope to in the cover. In fact, I thought the cover gave a wonderful little synopsis of my book. The artist is a gifted talent indeed. 

Can you tell us about your cover artist? Her web page link? Absolutely! My cover artist is Elaina Lee. She is an author and artist working with Astraea Press in creating beautiful covers like mine. Her website is Not only is she talented but she's super sweet too. She will go far, I'm sure.
If your book was made into a movie - what actress would you want to play your heroine? I really like Ellen Page from 'Inception'. She's pretty close to the 'Alicia Silverstone' type I described her as in my book.
If your book was made into a movie - what actor would you want to play your hero? Michael Pitt would be a great fit. So would Jason Gordon-Levitt. But the actor I envision would have to be dark super tall and lanky. But he's also brooding at first so I'm sure any of the hot young actors from the vampire shows would be good too. ;)

COOL! I'm very intrigued by the cover, now I'm dying to know more. Can you share the book blurb with us?

Fifteen year-old Payton MacGregor is a musical prodigy. To him, though, his music is merely a way for him to escape from the chaos that surrounds him. All of his life, he’s had to care for his mother, who copes with her bipolar disorder with booze instead of turning to her own musical talents. He refuses to become a statistic. Then he’s thrown a curve ball.

His mother suddenly dies, leaving him to be cared for by his aging grandparents.  As much as they love him, they decide to send him halfway across Canada to live with his father, Liam—the man Payton always believed abandoned him and his mother. Payton isn’t making the relocation easy on anyone until he finds out he's going to attend the prestigious School of the Arts for musically gifted youth. Any second thoughts he has about his new life are erased when he meets Lily Joplin. Their connection is instantaneous.

Lily is a talented singer, but her struggles with drugs and bipolar disorder hit too close to home for Payton’s comfort. And when her issues become all-consuming for Payton, he wonders if his music will be enough to carry him through.

Congrats on the new release! Blackbird Flies looks and sounds amazing! Chynna will be back to visit my blog when her books releases. I can't wait!


Good Morning:) I wanted to say thank you all for stopping by and visiting with me and Zanna. I hope she was insightful for all of you.

Using, the winner of the PDF copy of my book Wayward Soul and the deck of Tarot cards is Louise! Congrats, Louise and I hope you'll come back and visit. Along with the rest of you.


Friday, March 11, 2011


Happy Friday everyone! I hope it's a good one. Zanna is back to visit up. YIPPEE! We thought we'd do something a little different today.

Zanna was a spirit guide for more than 2000 years. Spirit guides are those "little voices" we hear in the back of our heads or those "gut instincts" we feel that tell us to do or not do something. We'd like to hear if some of you have experienced one or both of these sensations that have saved you from an accident or just caused you to be at the right place at the right time.

As usual, feel free to ask Zanna a question and she'll use Tarot cards to offer you an answer.

I'm also still holding a weekly contest. Each week, starting February 25 and running every Friday in March, one poster will be randomly chosen to receive a PDF copy of my novella WAYWARD SOUL and a set of their very own Tarot cards!!
As an added bonus - the person who leaves the most comments during those 5 Friday's will receive a copy of Sylvia Browne's CONTACTING YOUR SPIRIT GUIDE and, of course, a PDF copy of my book!

Can't wait to hear your stories!! I'll turn it over to Zanna now.

Thank you, Kim. I hope to hear a great many stories from our readers! I do have a very special card for you all today.

The Star card is all about hope and wishes being granted.  This is a very positive card indicating blessings and inner peace but requires positive action on our part. To view stars we look upward into the heavens so this card can also remind us to never give up but we can give UP (as in we give up to a higher power).  As I always, I encourage you take the time to reflect on this card and see what inspiration you have for how it can help you.
Zanna's Facebook Page
Zanna's Twitter
zannaszen @ (remove the space)

Disclaimer: This service is for entertainment purposes only.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Astraea Press BOOK SALE!!

Check out the books Astraea Press has for sale this week!!

The day Anna Hampton's husband, Zach, was killed was the day she lost her faith. Ranger Daniel Cochran represents everything she doesn't like. Not only is he a lawman, but he's a God-fearing man like Zach. His faith might work for him, but the only thing Anna saw it do was get her husband killed. The Ranger’s presence grows more and more welcome, especially when danger lurks around every corner, and Anna is caught in the middle.

Lucien Lemione, the clan leader of the feared and revered Eternals, is faced with the ultimate betrayal. His second in command for two centuries has not only created the most grievous of offenses but also commissioned the creation of liquid silver. When poisoned by this toxin, an immortal suffers a fate much worse than death, frozen in an internal prison. After being wounded when found spying, he hides deep within the eerie woods that encircle the Triad Mountains. Desperate and in pain, he prays to an offended mother goddess for help. Her answer: a woman, but not just any woman. A witch.
After losing her entire coven at the hands of the Eternals, Aisleen is the last of her kind. She retreats from the world to Trinity Forest where she is giving the opportunity of a lifetime, or perhaps a test of principles. It’s there she discovers the man she heals is the Eternal that wiped out her people. Although she is bound as a healer, she could be creative in her revenge. Aisleen knows who and what Lucien is…but does not speak of it. There can be no future with Lucien for she can only be with a mortal man. Even if she wanted to be with him, can she forgive the man that caused the genocide of her people?
Lucien must act quickly for the survival of his clan is at stake. However, Aisleen’s ethereal beauty and emerald eyes keep pushing those thoughts far from his mind. Determined to find out what secret she hides, he prolongs his time with her. When his people need him most what will he choose…duty, desire, or will he make his own fate?
You can choose love but you can’t choose destiny.

Sixteen-year-old Ima Berry (pronounced I’m a) leads anything but a normal life. For starters, the ridiculous name her eccentric dad gave her is always the opening for a goodjoke. Not to mention the fact he makes his living as a supernatural investigator, which has them moving around every few months. It’s hard to hang out with new friends when she spends all her time trying to prove the existence of Bigfoot, ghosts, fairies and any other number of paranormal creatures. Unfortunately, the cases always end in disaster. That is until now.
On a whim, Ima’s father decides to move them to Point Hope, Alaska. Here, he plans to investigate the possibility of shifters amongst the Inuit tribes. Ima isn't thrilled with the move, until she meets an Inuit guy named Carsen. Not only is he hot, but he’s also a star basketball player, and he’s interested in her. Too bad his best friend, Talon, doesn't like her and takes every opportunity he can to discourage the relationship. Ima has no idea what she’s done to make him mad, but there’s no denying the strange connection between them.
As things grow more serious with Carsen, Ima uncovers a secret about him and some of the residents of Point Hope. A secret that will force her to choose between her father’s already dwindling career and her new found love. And with the knowledge of this secret comes danger…a danger that could cost them their lives.

And the WINNER is...

I want to, again, say thank to Teresa D'Amario for stopping by and sharing her new release Tigress by the Tail. It was tons of fun and your book sounds amazing. It's definitely at the top of my list.

Now...the winner of the PDF copy of Tigress by the Tail but also a PDF copy of my new release Wayward Soul is JOANNE KENRICK!!! YIPPEE! Teresa used to pick the contest winner.

Congrats, JoAnne. If you'll send me an email at I'll get your copies to you.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Tribute to Jewel Lawson

"Take care of Jewel, she's my Jewel."

That was a mantra that my grandpa, Crit, repeated over and over to us up until the day he died. Even when the dementia took over and ravished his body and mind, he never forgot my grandma. (Think Noah and Allie Calhoun in Nicholas Sparks' The Notebook.)

One year ago today, our family had to say goodbye to our beautiful mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and great-great-grandmother at her funeral. It was nearly impossible to say farwell to her. She was the strongest, most courageous woman I've ever know. Full of conviction and always carrying her family on her shoulders, even after burying her beloved husband and five of her twelve children, and many other loved ones.

She is greatly missed and I wanted to share the tribute my cousin Julie Ervin wrote and read at her eulogy.


She has only been gone a short time and knowing we will never see her again has left an ache in every heart that knew and loved her.
She has suffered loss time and time again, yet she continued through the pain for her family. Now we must do the same without her.
Keep her in your heart and your memories and the pain will ease.
Hold on to the hope that we can all be with her again someday in a beautiful world.
Her family will be whole again.
Hurt and pain will be no more.
Joy, love, and peace will be all there is for her in Paradise.
~Julie Ervin

Never doubt how much you were loved, granny and papaw. We are all better for having known you.


I want to thank all of you for participating in Zanna's Zen. It was a lot of fun and I hope you'll come back this Friday:)

I used to radomly select a winner and the winner of a PDF copy of Wayward Soul and their own deck of Tarot cards is Margay!! YEA!

Congrats, Margay. If you'll email me at I'll get you your book and cards.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Welcome Teresa D'Amario and Tigress by the Tail

I'm so happy to have Teresa D'Amario here to talk about her book Tigress by the Tail.  When I saw her cover and book trailer I was sold on this book and I know you will be too. So without further adieu, here's Teresa.

Tell us a random fact about your book.

Lance, the hero, is the youngest brother, with four other siblings, including one sister.  He takes a lot of flack from them about not being a very good wizard, a situation he handles tongue in cheek.

(Kim chuckling) He and my sister could probably swap war stories about being the youngest, not that I terrorized her or anything. Tell us a random fact about you.

Random fact.  Well dang, I think all my random facts are out there.  Let's see, my real job is working with computers and internet.   No, I'm not one of those "Make money here" people.  Instead, I help folks with their DSL service.

Talk about job security. Helping people with their Internet. How did you get the idea for your book?

Actually, the start of Tigress by the Tail was a nightmare I had.  It was so vivid and terrifying.  I actually had to soften the dream, or I wouldn't have had much of a book since all the characters died in the end.  It was so emotional I couldn't NOT write it.  To date, it's the ONLY one of my books that came from a dream.

That sounds pretty intense. I'm glad you listened to your inner voice and wrote your experience down. If the dream was anything like the cover, I bet it was powerful.

What was your first impression of your cover when it arrived in the email? Did you pet the screen for a while?

In this case, because I hired the cover artist personally, so I knew what to expect.  I'd actually chosen the image from something she'd already created.   So it's probably best to judge from that image, the first time I saw it.  I was so thrilled with it, I made it my wallpaper on my computer, which I only usually change every so many years. :D  I was most fascinated with the merging of animal and woman, and how smoothly it was handled! So it's absolutely awesome. :D  And yes, it's framed, as are all my covers!

LOL! Mine too. What does your book cover say about your book? What special feature does it point to that tells the reader to snatch this up right away to read?

Actually it doesn't say much about the romance of this book, but I think the blurb handles that perfectly.  Instead, it concentrates on the wildness of the heroine.  It shows both her animal side and her true human side, which are war at times in this book.  We all have two sides to our character.  We humans aren't really that much different from Cassie, and that is what draws people to her story, as well as to shifter books in general.  It's where the characters let out their wild side.

So tell me a little about your cover artist?  Do you know if he or she has a webpage? If so, do you have the link?

My Cover Artist is Patricia Schmitt. She signs her work as "Pickyme", so I call this my Pickyme cover.  (actually, Leopard's Key is also a Pickyme cover).  She is one of the best in the business, in my opinion.  I can't say enough about her.  There's not a cover she's made that doesn't make me want to snatch that book up right away - and have!   She's pure awesomesauce.  Here's a link to her site:
What feedback have you gotten back from readers?

Everyone loves it!  Just like I do. :D  The people who read the original release of this book all say how it captures the essence of Cassie, the heroine of Tigress By the Tail.

I know you can count me in that group:) Also, you have the MOST amazing book trailer. We HAVE to share it with everyone.

Here's the book blurb for Tigress by the Tail:

Lance is a Wizard. He’s not a great wizard, but he’s all right. Descended from a long line of wizards, his brothers taunt him for being slow to learn. And as the youngest, it’s his due course to accept such teasing. Life is good, and normal. For a wizard that is.

Cassie is a Shifter. A tigress to be exact. Raised by her father after her mother’s death she’s as well adjusted as any shifter can be, and still live in the human world, hiding who and what she is.
Bliss comes to a screeching halt the night Satanist kidnap Cassie and her best friend to use as sacrifices to bring forth their Dark Lord. When Cassie literally collides into Lance, she begs him to help them escape their captors, despite the dangers. The couple work together to save the life of Cassie’s friend, only to discover a shocking passion driving them closer together at a time when both should be devastated. But when Lance overhears Cassie’s father threaten his life, he heads for the hills. Cassie follows, determined to clear up the confusion. But evil is still afoot and Cassie is taken by a secret government organization dedicated to the eradication of all things magick. Is Lance willing to put his life on the line for a woman he believes is out to kill him? Especially when he realizes the organization that’s taken her, is the one he works for?

~ Romance Junkies
Ms. D’Amario rocks.  I absolutely loved THE MOON:  TIGRESS BY THE TAIL.  It contains everything I love in a book, sex, good vs.: evil, great plot and lots of action.  Any paranormal fan that passes this book by just doesn’t know what they are missing. 

WOW! Great cover, amazing blurb, and smokin video. You are on fire, girl! You guys better get it while it's HOT HOT HOT!! Here's Teresa's buy links for Tigress by the Tail.
Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing Tigress by the Tail with us. Teresa has graciously offered a PDF copy to one poster and she's been so wonderful to work with and I've had so much fun having her visit my blog, that I'll throw in a PDF copy of my new release Wayward Soul as well. So leave a comment to be entered.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Please forgive the lateness of this post. I used to choose a winner from Zanna's Zen and the winner is poster CindiQ!! If you would email me at I'll get your pdf copy of my book and deck of Tarot cards to you:)

Cograts, Cindi!

I hope you'll all come back Friday for another Psychic party with Zanna:)



I'm so happy for my fellow Astraea Press authors on their big day today:))) Having your book released is the most amazing feeling. My head (and heart) is still in the clouds. Congrats, Kay, on the release of Heartsight.

Kay Springsteen is a truly classy lady and she is turning her release into something amazing for a bunch of deserving people.  Read the message below from Kay to see how and then we would appreciate it so much if you would help her spread the word. I'm also posting the book blurb and buy link. You can read more at Kay's blog by following the link on the right side of my page or at  Thank you and we appreciate it!!


On a secluded beach in North Carolina, three lonely people find hope in each other.
Trish Evers is an artist and single mother, who has inherited her grandmother's Bed and Breakfast in a North Carolina coastal town. Though she must sell the house, she decides to bring her daughter to the beach for one last summer vacation in her childhood town.
Bella is a six-year-old girl who has Down syndrome. Rejected by her father, Trish, is the only parent she's ever known. Bella likes to explore the beach and has a tendency to wander off. One day, Bella goes exploring on her own, and Trish finds her in the company of an intriguing stranger.
Dan Conway is a U.S. Marine, who had been born into a family of Marines. Now blind as a result of combat injuries and unable to "suit up," he feels he no longer has a purpose in life. He's come home to the beach, where he spends his days in solitude. Dan must learn to believe in himself and to love life again, which he begins to do through his interactions with Bella and Trish. When a hurricane strikes, and Bella wanders off again, her only hope for rescue is Dan.
Working within the confines of his blindness, he must overcome his fear of failure and recall his training in order to search for the little girl and bring her to safety.
Kay's message:

Heartsight and the USO Wounded Warriors Program

“The USO recognizes the sacrifices the troops and their families make for this country, and it is more important than ever that they are remembered and supported. The USO offers a variety of programs and services to support the morale, welfare, social and entertainment needs of troops and their families, free of charge.” ~USO website

In honor of the USMC hero of Heartsight, purchases made through the Astraea Press website,, from March 1 through June 1, 2011, will generate a $1 per copy donation to the USO Wounded Warriors Program.

Learn more about the USO here:

Enjoy a copy of Heartsight and contribute to the welfare of the troops who keep us safe.

Spread the word! Let’s make this the worst-kept military secret in history!

Many thanks to the folks at Astraea Press for their support of this donation. And thank you in advance to my readers for your donation to this great cause.